New Year’s Savings: Chinook Book 2015 Giveaway!

Are you a New Year’s resolution person? This year, I created more of a mantra rather than lofty goals as I figure I have enough “new” on my plate adding another little person to our world.

Always in the back of my mind (and that of my husband Slaed’s) though is budgeting and saving money.  Also of great importance and a major focus of our life? Our family’s mission to get out, experience, and explore.  Can you guess one of the ways we accomplish both?


New Years Savings: Chinook Book 2015 Giveaway!

We’ve sung the praises of the Chinook Book before, and I’m so happy to be back again this year.   All that we love about “the book” remains, but this year there are several new features that make the product (or “tool” as we like to think of it) even better and even more suitable for active families.  That’s why I’m excited to share that we get to give away SIX Chinook Book mobile apps to 6 lucky readers!

Recap: What is the Chinook Book?

The Chinook Book (print and mobile app versions) is a coupon book containing loads of valuable saving opportunities on dining, entertainment, recreation, groceries, and more.  The print version has coupons that are cut out and simply presented to the merchant at the time of purchase.

The mobile version works as a downloaded app on your phone (or mobile device).  Pull the coupon up on your phone or mobile device and show the merchant your screen.  A couple of clicks & your discount is applied!

New Years Savings: Chinook Book 2015 Giveaway!

What’s New?

  • Users have a full access subscription.  Instead of coupons expiring right before a new book/app comes out for the year (in the fall), users have access to coupons 12 months after the app is activated.  Before, all the coupons would just expire at the end of August and disappear, but now they remain for a full year after the subscription is activated.
  • With the app, users have access to ALL of the other cities where Chinook Book exists, so if you happen to be traveling to one of the other cities, you’ll get to load all the coupons & take advantage of big savings.  With family in Denver & the Bay Area, and Portland just a few hours away, this is HUGE for us!   Chinook has coupon packages in the following cities:
    • Denver, CO
    • The Bay Area
    • Minneapolis, MN
    • Portland, OR
    • Seattle, WA
    • And limited (but expanding packages) in…
      • Sacramento, CA
      • Corvallis & Eugene, OR
      • Salt Lake City, UT
      • Connecticut
  • Seattle’s Chinook book has an additional 120 new coupons compared to last year’s book! Here are a few from various categories that I am most excited about…
    • Dining:
      • Araya’s Place–A vegetarian Thai restaurant right in our neighborhood
      • Assembly Hall Juice and Coffee–One of Tom Douglas’ newest establishments
      • Capitol Cider–I’m a huge fan of cider & love that they offer a gluten-free menu
    • Family Activities:
      • Pacific Science Center–Can’t wait to explore the center again now that Bergen is a little older. Just getting to experience the butterfly room is enough to go!
      • Burke Museum–We’ve never been to this museum located in the University District, and I’d love to see the mask that inspired the Seahawks logo before the exhibit ends this summer.
      • Kids Discovery Museum (Bainbridge Island)–With tons of coupons on Bainbridge Island (including ferry discounts), we could create a whole day of savings.  Check out our Father’s Day of Savings on Bainbridge from a few years back.
    • Travel/Recreation:
      • Bloedel Reserve–An amazing public garden on Bainbridge Island…
      • Issaquah Paddle Sports–Would love to do some paddleboarding this summer!
      • Center for Wooden Boats–Would love to rent a canoe or row boat and paddle around Lake Union.
  • There are now “seasonal” offers included in the app.  These coupons come and go every two months, and there is a special tab (under the coupon section) where they can be accessed.  I love how this keeps “the book” fresh, and creates new opportunities for us to check out places around our region AND SAVE!

Our Savings Adventures so far…

We’ve only had the 2015 Chinook Book and app for a few weeks now, but we’ve ready put it to good use saving on coffee, lunch, and a visit to our local drug store.  The most memorable savings event though was a recent trip to the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma.  With the free youth or tot admission with the purchase of an adult admission, Bergen was able to visit the zoo and aquarium at no charge.

While we are members of the Woodland Park Zoo in our home city of Seattle, we’d never taken Bergen (or Georgia) to our “sister zoo” to the south.  We loved the opportunity to see a different set of animals with such a large focus on sealife.  The walruses were some of the most memorable animals for our family.  We still can’t get over their massive size! Getting to watch the tiger cubs romp and play was pretty special too!

Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium: Tacoma, WA |

 To Enter the Giveaway of 6 Chinook Book Mobile Subscriptions:

 Winner Winner…

6 Mobile Subscription Packs will be given away! Contest ends and all entries must be received by Friday, 1/30/15 at 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time.  Winners will be chosen at random and notified on Monday, 2/2/15.  Giveaway open to U.S. residents 18 years or older.  After notification, winners have 3 days to connect.  Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact me!

Many thanks to Chinook Book-Seattle & Puget Sound for providing print and mobile packs for giveaway and review.  All opinions about the books and app are my own.  

New Years Savings: Chinook Book 2015 Giveaway!


Chinook Book-Seattle and Puget Sound 2014 Giveaway

Chinook Book-Seattle & Puget Sound 2014 Giveaway

We love getting out and about in our city.  We also love saving money.  One of the things that helps us do both is our trusty Chinook Book.  We’ve purchased and used the Chinook Book and Mobile App for the past two years now and have never been disappointed with the savings it’s provided us.  The possibilities are endless from 2 for 1 deals at local restaurants, free admission to museums, parks and attractions, and even deals at the local stores we love.

It’s not unusual for an entire day (or at least morning or afternoon) to be planned around the coupons we find in “the book”, as we lovingly call it.   For Father’s Day, we explored Bainbridge Island, the book recently made an evening at Green Lake even sweeter, and we also think it’s a great gift idea for the holidays.  We often discover new coffee shops, restaurants, and dessert spots just by flipping through the book or mobile app.

Thanks to the awesome people at Chinook Book-Seattle & Puget Sound, we’re giving away 3 Chinook Books (Print Version) and 4 Chinook Book Mobile Coupon Packs! Both include coupons and deals available throughout Seattle and the Puget Sound, so if you live in the area or happen to be planning a visit within the year, you’ll really benefit and should enter!

How We Use it and Why We Love Chinook Book Print Version: 

We keep our book in the car, so it’s always ready and waiting when we are out and about.  Sometimes we plan ahead and have a chosen restaurant or outing in mind, while more often than not, we refer to the book’s neighborhood maps to help us find deals wherever we happen to be in the region.

  • Beautiful color pages to flip through in order to plan a shopping trip, local adventure or restaurant outing.
  • In the front of the book, you’ll find handy neighborhood maps, so if you know where you’re headed, you’ll know where you can save!
  • Coupons are divided into easy to follow categories.  Some categories include: Local Grocery, Dining, and Entertainment & Family.
  • The index in the front of the book makes it easy to look-up and track down coupons.

How We Use it and Why We Love Chinook Book Mobile Version:

While we’ve used the print version of the book for longer, I’m starting to grow accustomed to the convenience of the mobile version.  I’ve downloaded the app to my iPod touch and constantly refer to it when I’m on-the-go.  Before I grab a cup of coffee or choose a restaurant, I always check the app.  Once at the business, I show the cashier the coupon on my device, and with a few touches/clicks, the coupon is redeemed.

  • The app is easy to download and available for android or iOS systems.
  • As long as you have your mobile device with you, you don’t have to worry about remembering to bring the book or grabbing the coupon.  This is also handy because sometimes we rip out a coupon with all intentions of using it, but for some reason or another change our minds.  Then the coupon can get lost, damaged, etc. The mobile app eliminates all of that.
  • The “near me” feature makes it incredibly easy to find deals where ever you happen to be standing!
  • A wi-fi or network connection is NOT necessary for the application to work.

Chinook Book-Seattle and Puget Sound 2014 Giveaway

More to Love:

Coupons included in the print and app version are from local companies and businesses that do “good”.  You can read all about it on their criteria page.  We love how we can always feel great about supporting the businesses featured because the Chinook Book does all that hard work for us! 


  • We are not giving away books and mobile packs from these regions, but both versions are also available in the San Francisco Bay Area, Denver & Boulder, Portland, and Minneapolis/St. Paul.
  • When using a coupon, unless you know for sure that the business is up-and-running and open, call ahead! You never know when a business might close or change hands thus ruining your coupon experience!
  • Chinook Book Print Version is valued at $20.  Most coupons in the book expire 10/31/14.  Chinook Book Mobile Pack is valued at $15. Most coupons in the mobile pack expire 8/31/14.

To Enter The Giveaway:

  • Easy: Leave a comment here on the blog telling us which version you’d like to win (print or mobile pack). 
  • Bonus Entries-Your name will be entered again depending on how many bonus entries you submit thus increasing your chances of winning (make sure to tell us in your comment which of these you did or already do!):

Winner Winner…

3 Chinook Book Print Versions & 4 Chinook Book Mobile Packs will be given away for a total of 7 winners! Contest ends and all entries must be received by Friday, 9/27/13 at 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time.  Winners will be chosen at random and notified on Monday, 9/30/13.  Giveaway open to U.S. residents 18 years or older.  After notification, winners have 3 days to connect.  Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact me!

Many thanks to Chinook Book-Seattle & Puget Sound for providing print and mobile packs for giveaway and review.  All opinions about the books and app are my own.  

Thanks to everyone who entered! Winners have been chosen and this giveaway contest is now closed.