All About {Wild Tales of…}

{Wild tales of} is all about adventure and travel with baby. I want to pass along little tidbits that I have gathered in my short life as a mom, wife, and adventurer.  Inspiration, tips, helpful hints, how-to’s, maybe even a recipe are shared…all to make your family’s life {maybe} a touch easier, a touch wilder, and a touch more adventurous. BE BRAVE! That has been my theme as we have welcomed a new little one into our world.

We love traveling and adventuring near and far, and feel so lucky to get to share these special experiences with our son, Bergen.

Why “Wild Tales of…”?

It originates from our family Christmas card.  Well, first it was just, my husband, Slaed’s Christmas card “featuring” me.  Then it became our Christmas card as a couple, and with little B around, it’s now a family Christmas card.  Each issue has the same theme, “Wild tales of…” whatever overriding, exciting adventure we were up to that year.  It’s designed like a comic book cover, and lovingly created by our wonderful friend, Meg, every year.

  • Year 1 2007: Wild Tales of Crossing Rivers in Guatemala

2007 Wild Tales of...Christmas Card

  • Year 2 2008:  Wild Tales of Getting Engaged Maui Style!

2008 Wild Tales of...Christmas Card

  • Year 3 2009: Wild Tales of Tying the Knot!

2009 Wild Tales of...Christmas Card

  • Year 4 2010: Wild Tales of Iceland

2010 Wild Tales of...Christmas Card

  • Year 5 2011: Wild Tales of the Arrival of Bergen

2011 Wild Tales of...Christmas Card

2012 Wild Tales of...Christmas Card

I wanted to document and share more of our wild tales, so “Wild Tales of…” was born! I hope to inspire other moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, and caregivers to live a brave and adventurous life with their little ones.

Welcome and thanks for stopping by…looking for something in particular? Don’t hesitate to connect!

Kalalau Trail: Kauai

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15 thoughts on “All About {Wild Tales of…}

  1. Hey there Kate, Slaed and Wild Baby! I finally figured out how to see who my “followers” were and it was so nice to see your name/blog pop up!
    It is wonderful to see how happy you all are – keep it up!

    • Hi Lara! Thanks for stopping by—I’m so fascinated by your Alaska life, and love keeping up with all of your adventures! 🙂 Sounds like you guys are having a fantastic summer.

  2. While I was in the Wallowa Mountains of NE Oregon, I met a lady as I was approaching the summit of the highest peak of the Wilderness I was exploring. She had come from the top and on her back was a little one!

    Personally, I was somewhat shocked to see her with her baby coming down from the summit. Kudos to Mom for continuing to explore her passions and being able to have to confidence to share it with her growing family!

    “Wild Tales” reminded me of the short trail conversation I had with her. This blog shows that it IS possible to travel with your children in fulfilling, responsible manner.

    See you on the road!

    Ben @ TravelingThaneFurrows

    • Thanks for stopping by Wild Tales of, Ben! Wow, that mom’s story is super impressive! I love hiking with Bergen, but I haven’t been quite that ambitious yet! 🙂 I’m looking forward to checking out your blog–thanks for leaving the link.
      I feel lucky to get to share travel with Bergen, and I’m having a blast keeping track of it here on the blog.
      Thanks again for the comment! ~Kate

      • Kate,

        I’m glad you liked the story I shared – it seemed relevant to your situation. I’m excited to follow your story as you guys walk your path and Bergen grows.

        Thanks for sharing!


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  4. Ran across your blog trying to figure out if its ok to take a baby to a sounders game (since we have never been and are totally excited). Thanks so much for sharing your adventures so other seattle moms can get ideas! We are big travelers so it is so nice to get some inspiration and positive reinforcement for the “with baby” phase. Thanks!!!

    • I’m so glad you stumbled upon the blog, Tyseng! Yes, we’ve been taking Bergen to Sounders Games since he was just 3 weeks old, and you can imagine now at 2 years, he’s a huge fan! 🙂 I really appreciate your comment! Have any trips coming up? Stay in touch & definitely let us know if questions come up!

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