Keepng Feet Warm, Dry and Supported: Muddy Munchkin Boots by MyMayu Review

I’ve been disappointed by kids rain boots ever since Bergen started to walk.

We live in Seattle.

We need boots that keep his feet dry and stay relatively dry inside.  Rain here isn’t just a once in a while thing. Boots can be necessary multiple days in a row, and often more than once a day.  We don’t have time to wait for wet boot linings to dry.

We also need boots that last.  With frequent use, we can’t worry about tears and gaps developing after just a season (or a few wears).  Our son is very active.  Between playground romping, hiking, scooting around on his balance bike, and trekking through the neighborhood, he’s quite hard on shoes.

Plus with this frequent use, the boots have to be supportive.  Clunky rain boots that cause him to trip and fall just won’t work.

Up until this recently, we made do, but we really weren’t happy with the (run of the mill) rain boots we’d purchased, and even with a lot of research for alternatives and trying to scope out what other kids were wearing, we were coming up short.

Keepng Feet Warm, Dry and Supported: Muddy Munchkin Boots by MyMayu Review |

It was this fall that I learned about a brand-new company out of Vancouver, Canada called MyMayu.  As I scoped out their boots on their website and social media, I realized all of our wishes for a high quality rain boot were coming true!  We’re very thankful to have received a pair of Muddy Munchkins for Bergen to test out so that we could review them for you here on the blog!

About the Muddy Munchkin (by MyMayu) Boots

The Muddy Munchkin boots are designed for play and activity.  This includes trekking around on trails, stomping in shallow puddles, and running around on sidewalks, backyards, and playgrounds.  Owner and creator, Suzanne developed these boots out of necessity for her own son who was having a terrible time trying to keep up with his older brother in the rain and was hindered by clunky boots that got soaked and made him trip.

Keepng Feet Warm, Dry and Supported: Muddy Munchkin Boots by MyMayu Review |

Starting from the bottom and going up:

The boot is made with a lightweight and flexible rubber sole that gives plenty of room for toes to move while also providing support for the foot.  Moving up, an adjustable toggle has been placed at the ankle level to ensure a snug fit, and again keep feet secure and supported.  The entire upper portion of the boot is made of waterproof breathable nylon with all seams double stitched for extra strength.  At the very top of the boot another toggle has been placed for, once more, a snug and secure fit as well as to keep water from seeping in.

Sizing and Availability:

The Muddy Munchkin boots by MyMayu (plus Helios liners) are currently available in older baby/toddler sizes: 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8.  Age range for this current line is approximately 9 months to 3 years.

 What’s to Love?

  • No Clunkiness! 

Its easy for Bergen to run, splash,  climb on playground equipment, and even hike in the Muddy Munchkin boots without tripping, falling, and being held back by shoes that are to bulky.

  • Feet Stay Dry and Warm.

Now that the rains have returned to the Seattle area, we have put the Muddy Munchkin boots to the test, and haven’t held back! Our testing has included a muddy visit to the pumpkin patch, rainy walks with the dog, mile+ puddle-filled hikes in our city’s arboretum, and splashy balance bike rides around the neighborhood.  Each time we go to take the boots off of Bergen’s feet, we almost expect (because of past experience) his socks to be soaking wet and feet cold and shriveled.  With these boots though, it just hasn’t been the case! His feet are staying dry and warm.

  • Boots are Supportive and Stay Put.

The toggles at both the ankle and knee level, combined with the flexible rubber sole ensure that the boots stay on and also support the feet.  Bergen isn’t clomping around like in his traditional rain boots and the Muddy Munchkins are not going to slip off.  As a side note, this also comes in handy for kids who just might want to torture their parents by shaking their rain boots off; something Bergen loved to do as he was riding along in the stroller (or car)–not possible with the Muddy Munchkins!

  • Taller Than Average & Don’t Fall.

The Muddy Munchkins sit just below Bergen’s knee making them taller than your average rain boot, and thus providing more overall coverage for wet weather.  Since they are made of nylon, I thought maybe the fabric would slip down a bit with Bergen running and playing, but that just hasn’t been the case.  The toggles at the top of the boot keep the boot in place.

  • FAST Drying, Easy to Clean and Transport.

After a full session of play and adventure, we simply wipe the boots clean with a cloth and we they are ready to go for the next time we need them.  The dirt, grass, and muck comes right off, AND the nylon is fast drying—no more waiting around for the insides of boots to dry or having to resort to sticking them by a heat source.

They are also easy to take with us for use when Bergen needs them.  All the day’s activities may not require rain boots, but since the nylon portion of the boot collapses into the rubber sole, we can toss them into the backpack and they don’t take up a lot of space.  This is also very good news for our traveling family!

  • Optional Liners for Added Warmth.

In addition to the boots, we also received a pair of MyMayu’s Helios fleece liners.  These are sold separately, and provide an extra layer of protection for colder temperatures.  This makes the Muddy Munchkins a great boot for fall, WINTER, and spring.  Bergen absolutely loves the liners.  He calls them his “cozy socks” and requests to wear them around the house too.

They do make the boots a little harder to put on, but I appreciate that they were designed specifically with little kids in mind.  The seams are exposed on the outside rather than inside to avoid irritation on sensitive skin.   They are also designed to fit inside the boots, so they stay clear of the elements and remain clean and dry!

Keepng Feet Warm, Dry and Supported: Muddy Munchkin Boots by MyMayu Review |

What’s to be Desired?/For Your Consideration…

  • Bigger Sizes

The current Muddy Munchkin line only goes up to toddler size 7/8.  Bergen is just at the cusp of the 7/8 size boots, and may grow out of them soon.  We believe in the product so much (and know that he’ll get so much use out of them) that we were willing to risk the boots getting too small.  The good news is, MyMayu is launching their “Aqua” (heavy duty, 100% waterproof) and “Play” (like the current Muddy Munchkin line) boots in the February/March 2015.  These boots will be available in sizes all the way up to Youth 2.

  • 100% Waterproof

For everyday adventures, which are really what we use the boots for 95% of the time, the current Muddy Munchkin boots are perfect.  However if Bergen decided to go wading in a creek or stand in a deep puddle for a long period of time, water would likely seep in at the point where the rubber and nylon meet.  We look forward to the launch of the Aqua boot as these are designed for more vigorous weather and elements, and will be 100% waterproof.

To Purchase

You can purchase the Muddy Munchkin boots by MyMayu directly through their website:  The company also has a growing list of retailers for local purchase (currently in Canada & California, but more locations coming very soon).

Current Prices:

  • Muddy Munchkins Boots–$48.95 USD
  • Helios Fleece Liners–$16.95 USD

Questions? Don’t hesitate to ask!

Keepng Feet Warm, Dry and Supported: Muddy Munchkin Boots by MyMayu Review |

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7 thoughts on “Keepng Feet Warm, Dry and Supported: Muddy Munchkin Boots by MyMayu Review

    • I know! We ar lookig forward to the spring launch since B will definitely need a bigger size soon.

      Good question re: hot rain. While we haven’t tested it, the nylon is made to be very breathable, so I think these would be a good option for Z and your conditions. Better than regular rubber boots, for sure! I will ask the owner your question though and get back to with what she thinks!

  1. I think these boots would be perfect for my grandsons but they would need the next size up. So hard to find the right rain boots when they are needed frequently. Thanks for bringing them to my attention.

    • Keep on the look out in February/March–I will most likely have an update post going out at that time as well to direct you to the new line of boots in larger sizes. Thanks so much for your comment–I bet they would be great for your grandsons!

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