Catch-up Hikes: Denny Creek Water Slide Trail near WA’s Snoqualmie Pass

Catching up with friends and family over coffee or a meal is nice and all—I love a fresh steaming hot cup of coffee and food always seems to be on my brain, especially these days.  A couple weeks ago though, I realized there’s an even better way to reconnect when it’s been a while since you’ve seen your loved one (or even if it hasn’t actually been that long)…

Go Take a Hike!

Catch-up Hikes: Denny Creek Water Slide Trail near WA’s Snoqualmie Pass |

With a little guy who has always been on the go, sometimes trying to make a meal or quick cup of coffee happen just isn’t realistic.  Someone is bound to get frustrated.  We could meet at a playground, but that’s not all that fun for the family member or friend who may not have kids in tow. And you already know how we feel about staying at home.

Hiking brings out conversation.  There’s something about walking along the trail that makes things flow, and even if you’ve run out of things to say at the moment, being quiet is completely acceptable.  There’s plenty to observe!

Being outdoors feels like a more natural, comfortable setting.  We can all be ourselves.  It’s acceptable to be noisy, get interrupted, and vary our pace.  What I love the most is that whoever I am with gets to see Bergen (3 years old) at his best, participating in something he loves.

Catch-up Hikes: Denny Creek Water Slide Trail near WA’s Snoqualmie Pass |

The most recent adventure that sparked this whole idea? An easy hike along the Denny Creek Trail near Washington’s Snoqualmie Pass with my cousin and fellow adventurer.  The little trek is just about 1.25 miles in, and included so many diversions for a young hiker.  We got to hike over bridges, view the creek at various points, see plenty of slugs, and pretty unexpected on a hike: We got to walk underneath the roaring interstate.

Catch-up Hikes: Denny Creek Water Slide Trail near WA’s Snoqualmie Pass |

Then we reached the main attraction: A section of the creek that has a huge area of bedrock.  In the summer time, this means a natural water slide is created that’s perfect for young explorers.  Side note: Not the best for romping in the winter or spring.  Possible ice or WAY too much water to play safe.  As you might expect that was our halfway point and lunch spot.

Despite the heat we experienced this summer, this particular day actually wasn’t all that warm, so no swimming or sliding occurred for Bergen, but he did get to his fair share of splashing, rock throwing, and general frolicking around in awe of cascading water.

Catch-up Hikes: Denny Creek Water Slide Trail near WA’s Snoqualmie Pass |

Just a short distance away from the slide area, maybe an extra 300 feet or so, is Keekwulee Falls.  A spot we decided not to tackle this time around, but beautiful nonetheless, and something we’ll investigate more on our next time around.

Catch-up Hikes: Denny Creek Water Slide Trail near WA’s Snoqualmie Pass |

I’m happy and proud to report that the little guy made the entire trek under his own hiking power.  The hike is nothing for the record books at just over 2.5 miles round trip, and very little elevation gain, but for us it was significant, and it means he’s building his stamina, and best of all, ENJOYING HIMSELF on the trail.

Since this accomplishment, Bergen has added a few more “no carrier” hikes to his resume, so stay tuned for more about how we’re making it work.

Do you use “getting outdoors” as an opportunity to catch-up with family and friends? Tell us about your favorite outdoor activity.

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4 thoughts on “Catch-up Hikes: Denny Creek Water Slide Trail near WA’s Snoqualmie Pass

  1. Gorgeous scenery – your little boy did really well! Building up their stamina from a young age and not using the carrier is so important – we did that with our son (now 11) which gets them really into the swing of hiking young.

  2. Hiking is my favorite way to catch up! I’ve even been able to get some of my new friends and there kids out hiking this summer.

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