Picture Books to Excite and Inspire Fall Outdoor Play

One of my favorite ways to prepare for a new season is to just immerse myself in all the wonderful things the time of year has to offer.  A huge stack of library books does the trick.

Books not only give us ideas for how to best enjoy ourselves outside in honor of the changing weather and foliage, but they also ensure that we don’t miss a thing during this special transition.  I hope this list gives you a starting point, or building point if you’ve already started, to form your own collection of favorite fall inspired stories!

Picture Books to Excite and Inspire Fall Outdoor Play | WildTalesof.com

Mr. Putter and Tabby Pick the Pears by Cynthia Rylant

An easy “chapter book” (and part of a larger Mr. Putter and Tabby series) perfect for early elementary school readers, but just as great for younger kids, we love the antics of Mr. Putter and his fine cat, Tabby.  In this particular book, I get drawn right into all the lovely things of fall.  Mr. Putter inspires me to not only bake scrumptious autumn treats, but to also make sure I get out and enjoy falling leaves, crisp fresh air, and of course, fall fruits and veggies.  And just wait until you see what he can do with a slingshot!

Move Over Rover! by Karen Beaumont

A delightful rhyming book where more and more animal friends start to crowd Rover’s dog house.  You’ll have to guess which creature eventually kicks all the animals out causing quite an uproar! This book gets me excited for some of the fall storms that I know are inevitable here in Seattle, especially after all the heat we’ve had this summer.  The illustrator (Jane Dyer) creates such vivid scenes that I feel as though I’m right there among the animals dodging huge rain drops and frolicking in the fall colored leaves.

Leaves by David Ezra Stein

See what happens when a young bear experiences fall for the first time.  This story really makes me appreciate the wonder and beauty of nature.  The book highlights the fall season in particular, but also allows readers to come full circle by showing snipets of other seasons via the cycle of a leaf.  Thanks to this playful bear, I can’t wait to head to our Seattle arboretum once mid- to-late fall hits, so that we can dance among the orange, red, yellow and brown, make leaf piles, and toss our fair share into the air.

A is for Autumn by Robert Maass

Just a simple alphabet book with photographs illustrating the chosen item for each letter, but I love that nearly every letter/scene has something to do with positively enjoying the outdoors during the fall season.  A perfect way to prime families for all the fun and special characteristics of autumn.  A few readings of this book ensures that we don’t miss a beat in the transition from summer to fall.

Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert

Call me a non-creative, but it actually took me a minute to realize what this “Leaf Man” was all about! Maybe I needed some more sleep at the time, but what a fun fall adventure we get to journey on with the author.  It certainly ignited my imagination.  When I headed outside shortly after reading the story, all I could think about was what creatures I could create with all of the fallen nature items I saw on our sidewalks.  Another neat feature of the book is the inside covers (front and back) that label all different types of laves and the trees they come from! Super helpful as we begin to explore the treasures (leaves, seeds, nuts, fruits) making their way to the ground, especially when a certain little boy who loves to ask questions right now!

One More Acorn by Don Freeman

You might recognize Don Freeman as the author of the beloved children’s book, Corduroy.  Instead of a little teddy bear looking for his lost button, in One More Acorn, we have a squirrel in search of his lost acorn.  The story makes me want to high tail it back to my home city of Washington, D.C. as we get to see how the Mall looks dressed in it’s autumn wardrobe.

On Our Way Home by Sebastian Braun

Simple and heartwarming, I love this story for reading at bedtime.  It makes me dream of spending an entire day or even just the whole afternoon/evening outside with my little family.  Even though the characters are bears, we can easily relate and put ourselves in their place as they hike, play, and forage all in a beautifully illustrated autumn backdrop.

Have a favorite fall inspired book (or two)? We’d love to add to our growing collection! Please share by leaving a quick comment.

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Picture Books to Excite and Inspire Fall Outdoor Play | WildTalesof.com





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    • Awesome! Glad you found the list useful/helpful. I hope your local library carries A is for Autumn. Let know if you find other favorites–feel free to come back and share. We’d love to continue our fall reading all season long!

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