Savoring the Season with an End-of- Summer Bucket List

We still have several weeks before our little guy embarks on the brand-new adventure of life as a preschooler.  I know the summer isn’t really over, not until September 22, and the fun at home doesn’t stop just because someone is in school for a couple of mornings a week.

However, I still feel like it’s necessary for me to make sure that we’re getting the most out of the summer season.  After all, as much as we really don’t mind it so much, Western Washington isn’t exactly known for it’s spectacular fall, winter & spring weather.

To accomplish this savoring, I just took a few moments to jot down a quick list.  I even consulted Slaed (husband) and Bergen (now 3-years old), so this list reflects all of our contributions.  Also, to help with some inspiration, I referenced the The Kid’s Outdoor Adventure Book to make sure that were weren’t missing out on any quintessential summer activities.

When it was all said and done, I came up with 11 items.  I made the list last week, and what do you know, we’ve already accomplished several! To see some of those in action, visit our instagram feed. I may have had a certain trip to the coast in mind when brainstorming… Just because we did something once though, doesn’t mean we have to check it off the list and move on, and yes, just because the calendar says it’s “fall” doesn’t mean the “summer” fun stops!

Savoring the Season with an End of Summer Bucket list |

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? …Mary Oliver

{Wild Tales of…} End of Summer Bucket List

1. Pick more berries. 

We may be reaching the end of berry season, and thankfully we’ve already had the chance to do a little picking, but I want to continue gathering for as long as we can! The wild blackberries are still ripening on the vines that torment our neighborhood, so we may just stick close to home rather than venturing out to the farms of Western Washington. I’d love to have more berries on hand to freeze, enjoy & bake with as the months get cooler.

2. Play in a creek.

It’s just plain fun, and something I equate with summer and my childhood, and it’s so much more enjoyable when it’s hot! Not much in terms of supplies or planning ahead either.  Maybe just a dry set of clothes for the little guy.

3. Tide Pool Beach Hike. 

We’ve done some beach exploring for sure, but it seems like our time has been rushed or short.  I’ve consulted our local tide calendar and plan to hit up a beach that we haven’t had to the chance to visit in a long time.

Savoring the Season with an End of Summer Bucket list |

4. Paddleboat. 

We’ve done some canoeing and kayaking this summer, and I love the how it takes the load off my tired and sore pregnancy legs, but at the same time gives us a chance to be outside adventuring.  One of our local lakes has paddle boat rentals, and I think it would be great fun for the whole family to wheel around lake together rather than do our usual walking loop.  Only downside is that poor Norman (the dog) must stay at home for this one.

5. Swim in Lake Washington.

What’s holding me back? Bergen’s never shy about diving in and taking a dip, and just sitting back on the sidelines hoping not to get too sandy or wet is ridiculous.  I need to take advantage of these hot temperatures (and our natural resources) of summer, and take the plunge. Swimming is another great way for pregnant-types to get some exercise too.

6. Fly a kite on the beach. 

Someone in the family received a kite for his birthday, and it’s ready to take flight! I made sure to purchase one that claimed to be pretty fool proof, and pretty unbreakable, so we should have some good luck with getting our kite to soar.

7. Play Mini-Golf. 

I’m not sure when the great interest started, but we do have family members who live on the edge of golf courses, Bergen has a set of child-size golf clubs he received for his 1st birthday that we just recently got out, and his dad plays occasionally.  At any rate, he’s constantly asking about playing golf! We’re not so sure how mini-golf would go with a 3-year old, but I’m definitely willing to try.  I think it will be a memorable adventure!

8. At least 1 Family Hike with NO carrier. 

Just a good goal to set for our little tyke.  One of these summer days, we are going to plan plenty of time for a hike with very little hills or elevation gain, and leave the backpack carrier behind. AND I want to the whole family to be there.

Savoring the Season with an End of Summer Bucket list |

9. Try Letterboxing.

Another fun adventure, and maybe a way to add a different twist to our hiking.  Letterboxing is like a little treasure hunt.  Little boxes are hidden and enclosed is a rubber stamp .  Once found you stamp your personal logbook with the letterbox’ stamp, and stamp the letterbox’ logbook with your personal stamp.  You get to the letterbox by following a set of clues.  We’ll start with this local series.

10. Catch bugs with a net.

Can you guess who had some influence on this list item? Our little guy is a huge fan of bugs.  Loves looking under rocks for critters, and always seems to be finding them on our adventures.  I think it would be fun to just hit the trail, a wide open meadow, or local water source, and start sweeping the air to see what we can find.

11. Bike ride to dinner. 

It’s been hot, and we are wimps, so all that bike riding we were doing in the late spring and early summer has come to a sad halt.  Now that it seems like the temperatures are falling a bit (back to the comfortable 70’s we dream of), we’re hoping to get a few more family rides in, and make one of those a late afternoon ride to a local restaurant.

We’d love for you to join us in our quest to savor the season. Tell us, what are you hoping to enjoy as summer begins to come to a close?

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9 thoughts on “Savoring the Season with an End-of- Summer Bucket List

  1. For the longest time, Z would sing “let’s go fly a kite” from Mary poppins at the top of her lungs all day long. Amazingly I still found it adorable after a month or so. I miss her singing it.
    Anyways long story short, we never got a chance to fly a kite despite her singing. That’s definitely on my to-do list now. 🙂

    • Awwww, that IS adorable. I’ve had that in my head too ever since writing the post. Let me know when you get the chance to fly one! It’s so much fun!

    • Yes! Definitely look into it, Cheryl. Once we get it, I’ll definitely have a post up explaining our experience. If you follow the link I added, I think you can get to the main site that tells where boxes are hidden all over (the world?? Not sure.) Thank you!! Thrilled to be adding to our little family. 🙂

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