Adding More Adventure to 2014: A Growing {Wild Tales of…} Family

Our wild little family is growing and things around here are about to get even more adventurous! Yes! We are expecting our second baby in December, and we couldn’t be more excited (and maybe a little terrified).

Adding More Adventure to 2014: A Growing {Wild Tales of…} Family |

How’s the baby doing?

We’re happy to report that all signs point a very healthy developing baby, for which we are very thankful.  And if ultrasound scans are any indication of personality, temperament or behavior, then this little person will certainly fit right into our household.  The technician reported with confidence that our baby (at about 20 weeks) was the most active baby she had ever scanned! It was no small task for her to find and document all of those anatomy parts, and on my end the fluttering sensations of a couple of weeks ago have now changed to full on kicking and knocking.  This baby likes to move!

How are you feeling?

Maybe all this pre-birth activity is already getting to me because by the late afternoon, I am wiped out.  I don’t recall the same fatigue during my pregnancy with Bergen, but then again I wasn’t chasing a (nearly!) 3-year old around.  Still, a class full of 25+ first graders is no easy feat either!

Just like the wise advise goes though, the more I “force” myself to be active, whether with a walk, hike or adventure on the water, the better I feel.  This of course preempted with plenty of sleep, nutritious food (seemly constant), and water.  The activity hasn’t been without a few side effects.  Sore legs, varicose veins, and achy feet are all part of my new normal, and I welcome any remedies that might provide a little relief.

Adding More Adventure to 2014: A Growing {Wild Tales of…} Family |

What are your travel plans?

We also continue to travel.  It’s been a busy summer already with trips to Colorado, Idaho, and several spots here in Washington.  On the calendar, we also have a weekend trip to the coast to celebrate all of our August events (2 birthdays and an anniversary), and are anxiously awaiting late September for our biennial trip to Hawaii! So far, as long as I take ample time to rest, and we stick to a more slow, intentional “schedule”, the road trips and plane trips have been more than doable.  As the baby grows, I know the pace will change, and I’m looking to compile all the tips I can get to make the upcoming 5+ hour plan ride as painless as possible.

Boy or Girl?

Just like with Bergen, we plan to keep things simple (and mysterious), and will not find out the gender of the baby until the big day! We love the element of surprise, and feel like it will make that wonderful day in the December even more special and amazing.  We have so much information at our fingertips these days, so it’s fun to keep something under wraps.  Plus, it’s really not that rare for those predictions to be incorrect!

Adding More Adventure to 2014: A Growing {Wild Tales of…} Family |

A Plea

We welcome any and all advice in not only transitioning baby #1 into the life of brotherhood, but also the entire family! We know this will change our lives, routines, and hearts in big ways, and would love to hear encouraging words from those on the other side.

Adding More Adventure to 2014: A Growing {Wild Tales of…} Family |

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22 thoughts on “Adding More Adventure to 2014: A Growing {Wild Tales of…} Family

    • Thank you so much! Yes, me too–with all the soreness in my legs, it’s nice to take a load off in a kayak or canoe, but still get some exercise and explore 🙂

  1. Fantastic news! Bergen is going to be an awesome big brother, and I just know that you are going to have many wonderful adventures together as a family of 4. I’m sure you know to get up and walk around a lot during your flight to Hawaii. Making time to take care of yourself in addition to caring for Bergen is great practice for juggling 2 kids and realizing that you sometimes have to put 1 kid’s needs in front of the other’s. (I am cleaning out closets after being away for a few years. I am looking at the preschool toys and remembering all the wonderful memories of having young kids.)

    • Thank you, Michelle! I really appreciate those kind words. He really does seem excited about it, and I’ve been doing my best to point out babies when we see them & talk about what they are doing, etc. He’s really interested, so that’s a plus!
      Love your advice on taking time for myself now. I’m thinking there will definitely be some triage type situations in our future! Really appreciate your input. Oh and yes, I’ve def. read/heard about walking around a lot on the flight–I’m sure my antsy Bergen will have no problem joining me on a few walks down the aisle! 🙂

  2. Congratulations, my advice is to not ask the big bro to be any questions that can be answered with a negative. For example “do you want a brother/sister”, because if they say “no” well it’s hard to get a little one to change their mind. Use a lot of “you”, you are going to be a great brother”, “you are going to have so much fun”, “I’m excited for you”. Congrats again!

    • Thank you so much!
      Your advice is great–really appreciate you taking the time to chime in. I will definitely remember this as we prepare him. He’s got a lot of changes ahead including giving up his current room!

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  4. Congratulations!! I’ve been wondering when this would happen :). Can’t wait to hear if it’s a baby brother or baby sister in December. So happy for you all and good luck with your travels!

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