Potty Training for Active Families: 6 Necessities for Training On-the-Go

{First post in a series on potty training for active families}

We’re active.  Even when we’re not traveling somewhere, we’re off exploring our local area whether that’s just getting exercise through walking, hiking, and biking, getting things done around town, rooting for our favorite home teams, or participating in community events.  We like to get out.  

Because of this lively lifestyle that we love, visions of serious potty training terrified us.  Yes, we wanted so badly to be rid of the diapers.  However, the thought of being homebound for a even a few days or a weekend was paralyzing.  We dreaded it.  Those 3-day potty boot camps (as much as we wanted to be over with quick) just wouldn’t work for us. 

So we took our time and figured out an approach that worked for us and allowed us to continue our adventurous lifestyle with just a few changes.  

To start, I’m sharing what we needed to bring along with us in order for our little guy (2.5 years old) to be successful and for us to be prepared for both the accomplishments and the inevitable accidents.  Stay tuned for more on our process, plus tips that may be helpful if you are thinking of going for it, and losing the diapers.

Potty Training for Active Families: 6 Necessities for Training On-the-Go | WildTalesof.com

1. A Portable/Travel Potty.

We chose the 2 in 1 Potette Plus, which serves as a trainer seat and travel potty for Bergen.  We purchased the portable seat about 6 months ago, and eased into using it at home.  It fits easily over any toilet seat, and folds up small enough to fit in our backpack.  The company also makes liners (3 are included to start you off), so when we find ourselves toiletless (or too far from one), the legs to the potty fold down allowing us to set up an on-the-go toilet. After Bergen’s done his business, we toss the liner and get on our way.

Bergen was very used to using the potty seat at home, so using it in public restrooms (and the back of the car) was natural for him.

2. Extra Clothes.

Accidents will happen. Our backpack is equipped with an extra change of clothes (make sure it’s weather appropriate & complete) including underwear (a couple pairs), pants/shorts, an extra shirt, and even socks as that bodily fluid can end up everywhere.

3. Bag for wet/soiled clothes.

I found that our Oakiwear rainsuit bag works perfectly to house any clothes that may be wet or soiled (thankfully we haven’t hand any #2 accidents).  It keeps all the liquid inside (and has a zipper closure), so not only does everything around it stay dry, but it also keeps smells to a minimum.  I can also toss it in the wash when we get home so we have a fresh start for our next adventure. Do some searching around your house for a receptacle that works for you!

4. Clean-up Supplies.

Plenty of hand sanitizer and wipes come along with us in the backpack, and we always have more than a few towels in the back of the car (and underneath the stroller) for soaking up “spills”.

5. Rewards.

Choose what works best for you and your child.  We use jellybeans: 1 bean for #1, 2 beans for #2.  Of course along with the physical reward, tons and tons of praise (in the form of cheers, high-fives & smiles) is given out.  At first we were very regimented with the dolling out of jellybeans.  At this point (about 2 months of training), the treat is really only given out when Bergen asks.

6. Patience and Foresight.

When first starting out, I found myself having to pack all the extra patience I could muster up.  Again, accidents happen, even when you think you’re going to the bathroom nonstop).  It’s hard work to learn this new skill, so I quickly learned that my support and understanding was more important and necessary than showing disappointment or annoyance.

And finally for practicality purposes, always know where the nearest usable bathroom is located!

Share your potty training wisdom and experience. What was one on-the-go supply that you couldn’t live without?

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