Tale of the Traveling Sandals: Acorn Vista Wedge Review+A Chance to Win!

Shoes. Always a worry, a question, and a debate in our household when packing for a trip. No matter the distance or destination!  How many pairs do we want to bring verses How many pairs do we need to bring? What’s necessary and what’s just overkill?  And thinking practically, what’s going to fit in our luggage?

Thanks to the folks at Acorn, who you may recognize as that company that makes incredibly cozy slippers, packing shoes (at least for warm weather travel) just got a lot easier for me.

I was asked to give the sandals a test drive, and the opportunity couldn’t have come up at a better time.  The Acorn Vista Wedge (T-Strap) Sandals arrived just before for my 10-day adventure to the Carolinas and Puerto Rico where, along with a few other wearings here and there, I tried them out on Easter Sunday (church and brunch) and for my friends’ wedding rehearsal and dinner in Old San Juan.

About the Acorn Vista Wedge Sandals

The vista wedge sandals are a new line from acorn featuring a 2.5 inch heel made of EVA, leather straps, and a cozy footbed.  The sandals come in both a variety of colors from neutral (black or pewter) to a little more exciting (navy/sea or fawn/crimson), and a variety of styles including the T-Strap (my choice), ankle, and 3-strap.  The EVA material makes for a lightweight product without compromising stability and the footbed is layered with a leather lining (wicks moisture) and contoured arch support.

Tale of the Traveling Sandals: Acorn Vista Wedge+A Chance to Win!

What’s to Love?

  • Comfortable.  Even though the sandals have the 2.5 inch wedge heel, I still feel like I can do a fair amount of walking, standing, and dancing in them without killing my feet.  I was all over the place chasing after Bergen (2.5 years old) on Easter Sunday, and had to walk a bunch on the night of my friend’s wedding rehearsal (on the cobblestone streets of Old San Juan), and I was never tempted to take them off, and certainly was not sore the next day. Sure, they are no sport sandal (like Chaco), but easy to wear when wanting to dress-up a bit.
  • Lightweight & Easy to Pack. The debate I mentioned in the very beginning of the post about packing shoes? Once I realized that these sandals weigh next to nothing, and they can pack up really small since the straps just fold down, the decision to bring them (or not) was a no-brainer.  Plus, they are not clunky to walk around in, hence why they are so comfortable!
  • Stylish. I especially love the style of the “T-Strap” profile.  They remind me of a gladiator-type sandal, and just feel a little dressier, making me feel a little bit more put together, without really trying too hard! 
  • Dresses up outfits, yet still feels casual. Like I’ve already mentioned before, these are not sandals that I could wear all day walking around sightseeing, and they are also not super dressy, but for times when I want to step it up a bit, they are perfect.  Not at all fussy, just cute and easy to wear.

Tale of the Traveling Sandals: Acorn Vista Wedge+A Chance to Win!

What’s to be desired?

Sizing was a bit of a concern for me, and something to pay close attention to because Acorn only offers the sandals in full sizes.  I’m an 8.5 (US) girl through and through, so it was tough for me to decide whether to go with an 8 or 9.  Ultimately, I erred on the size of bigger, and the 9’s have worked out really well! Price is also something to factor in since at $99, getting a pair is not cheap.  However, considering the sandals are so versatile, practical, stylish, and of high quality,  they are worth the investment.

Your chance to WIN!

Acorn is giving away 10 pairs of Vista Wedge Sandals to 10 lucky fans.  Simply “like” Acorn on facebook through the following link, http://bit.ly/AcornReviewCrewS14, and you’ll be entered to win a pair of your choice.  Plus, winners will receive a dress from prAna, and a bag from Sherpani.  Questions? Don’t hesitate to ask!

Please note: The folks at Acorn generously provided us with a pair of sandals for review on the blog.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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