Washington’s State Park Accommodations: Inside our Bay View State Park Cabin

Yurts, cabins, and rustic accommodations of sorts always excite me.  I guess the coziness, proximity to nature, and all around feeling that I am truly “away from it all” is appealing.  And on top of all those romantic feelings, the practicality of having all that’s great about camping without actually have to do much work and setup (the downsides of pitching your own tent and hauling all the gear) for a parent makes the whole experience so worthwhile.

Setting up camp on the outside at our Bayview State Park cabin was simple, and even though I was worried about sharing such a tiny space (12×12 feet) with our toddler, we were able to set up an inside space with just as much ease.

Washington's State Park Accommodations: Inside our Babyview State Park Cabin | WildTalesof.com

The Cabin

Bay View State Park has 6 cabins (along with over 40 camp sites & nearly 30 utility spaces) available and is open year round.  We stayed 2 nights in Cabin #3, which like all of the cabins at Bay View is furnished with one double bed (sleeps 2), a bunk-bed (sleeps 2), night stand with lamp, and small table with 2 chairs. There are two windows, one at the front of the cabin, one at the back with shades for both.  The cabins are heated making them ideal for fall, winter, and spring camping.

Providing some nice additional space is a covered front porch with swing and hooks for jackets and other hangable items. Just outside the cabin is a fire ring along with an upright pedestal grill and picnic table.  Shared restrooms are close by (just a 2-minute walk or so) and have sinks, bathrooms, and showers.

The cabin is what I expected: wood furniture, wood lined walls, basic features.  It felt warm, inviting, and while the accommodation is nothing fancy, it was just what we needed.  The best part of the space is looking just outside the front door and on to the view of Padilla Bay.

Washington's State Park Accommodations: Inside our Bay View State Park Cabin | WildTalesof.com

Lodging with a Toddler

I hate to admit this publicly, but we are spoiled.  Spoiled by an amazing sleeper. Bergen (2 years old) loves his sleep, and he gets plenty of it! Because of this, we’ve grown accustomed to our routine and sleep set-up, and we never want to waiver. Bergen sleeps in his own room at home, so we like to recreate that when we travel. In hotels and rental homes this is easy.  However, knowing the tight quarters of our cabin, I had some anxiety.

It turns out I had nothing to worry about.  In order to mimic a separate space in the cabin, we rigged a dividing wall using a dark colored sheet and rope.  We put him to bed in his travel crib as usual and he slept soundly until the sun came up in the morning.  As always, we run a sound machine to provide white noise and mask sounds that could potentially wake him up.

We were delighted to still be able to stay up, chat, roast marshmallows, and even catch a Husky football game on the radio just outside the cabin while Bergen snoozed. Each night, we snuck back in, got Norman (the dog) situated in his kennel, and crawled into the double bed.  Bergen was none the wiser.

Washington's State Park Accommodations: Inside our Bay View State Park Cabin | WildTalesof.com

Info to Know: 

  • Bay View State Park is located in the town of Bay View in Washington’s Skagit Valley, seven mile west of Burlington, WA.
  • Visit the Washington State Parks site for Bay View State Park for information on reserving a campsite or cabin.
  • 2013 Rental Frees per night
    • May 15-September 15-Cabins 1-4 $69, Cabins 5&6 (bathrooms included) $79
    • September 16-May 14 Cabins 1-4 $59, Cabins 5&6 (bathrooms included) $69
    • Pets are welcome in some of the cabins for an extra per day fee
  • Restrooms with sinks, bathrooms and showers are 1-2 minute walk away from cabins.
  • Visitors must bring their own linens and blankets along with all supplies needed for cooking and fires.
  • Activities:

Have you stayed in any state park or national park accommodations? Tell us about your experience!

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Washington's State Park Accommodations: Inside our Bay View State Park Cabin | WildTalesof.com

3 thoughts on “Washington’s State Park Accommodations: Inside our Bay View State Park Cabin

    • It really was such a treat to stay here. Love your suggestion for the yurts in Oregon State Parks. I’m hoping to squeeze in trip down to the coast in April and have my eye on one of their yurts–hoping it will work out!

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