Training for a Half Marathon Trail Run…in the Winter

As we all know, the New Year brings new goals, new ideas, new adventures, new endeavors, and even new challenges, and of course changes.  One change, I’ve fully embraced this January is NOT taking a break from running.

Half Marathon the Winter |

In the past, my running routine has gone on hiatus during the winter months.  A whole lot of excuses come to mind:

It’s too cold. 

It’s too wet and rainy. 

It’s too dark.  

It’s too complicated. 

I’m ignoring those excuses.  Instead I’m relying on (and being encouraged by) the positives; those lovely benefits of putting one foot in front of the other and just going:


Time spent outdoors.

Stress relief.

More energy.

More exploring, more adventure.

Specifically, I’m all signed up and committed to the Squak Mountain Trail Run. Yes, one of my biggest motivators in addition to the above benefits is having a race or run on the calendar.  It’s in writing, it’s paid for, I can’t quit.

The big event takes place in Issaquah, Washington (just a short 30 minute or so drive from Seattle) and has me running the obvious 13.1 miles on trail, but also includes a challenging 3,650 feet of elevation gain!

Half Marathon the Winter |

Have you set any exercise goals for the year? Any races or runs on your 2014 calendar? Please share!

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13 thoughts on “Training for a Half Marathon Trail Run…in the Winter

  1. I’m trying to run too! My 10k is in whistler this spring. I’m looking for a fun half for this summer:) knowing that others are running in the winter helps motivation:)

    • That’s great, Terumi! A 10K in Whistler sounds like quite the adventure–and just a good excuse to get up there. Vancouver has a marathon/half in June! 🙂

  2. I’ve got a few goals this year. Hoping to have a PB 5k and 10k and running my second 1/2 marathon!!! I love running in the winter 0 it’s my favourite time of year to run (snow, rain, even a little ice won’t turn me away from a much needed run).

    • Wow, that’s great Anna! Good luck with the races. Love that winter is your favorite time of year to run–and you definitely have more elements to deal with than I do–I’m impressed!

    • That’s awesome, Shannon. I bet you’ll have perfect running weather for that race. I volunteered for the Napa Marathon a long, long time ago and had such a blast. Good luck with your training! Is it your first half?
      Yes, I’m going to have to do A LOT of prep for the elevation gain…luckily there is no shortage of hills around here 🙂

    • I know, Meghan! I’m super nervous about elevation change, but know that I just have to incorporate tons on hills into my training. I also learned at my last trail running event, that a lot of trail runners WALK(!) up the hills… and that’s okay. 😉 Thanks for the well wishes. Are you doing any running events this year?

      • Yeah, sometimes walking is just as fast as uphill running I guess! I don’t have any definite races planned yet – waiting to hear back about custody/visitation at the end of the month. I’d like to run (at least) the same ones as last year and improve on my times.

  3. I’m waiting until the weather warms up and the sun is up when I get up before I start running again. In the meantime I started using an exercise DVD this week. It is pitiful how out of shape I am! But it felt good to move my body again! I hope you enjoy your race. Thanks for sharing via Family Fun Friday.

    • That’s great, Stephanie! Those DVD’s make it so convenient–I’ve found some fun stuff “on demand” on comcast too.
      I’m with you on the avoidance of running in the dark—I hate it! Really looking forward to longer days as we trudge through winter, and thankful that I can squeeze in time to run in the late morning/afternoon.

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