Adventure Gear: Staying Warm and Dry with Kowalli’s Carrier Cover + Giveaway

While we don’t carry Bergen (now 2 years old) in our soft carriers nearly as much as we did before he was venturing off on his own two feet, believe it or not, I still find myself strapping him into the ergo (on my back) quite a bit.  I’ll often bring the carrier along with us for back up in case his legs grow too tired, or in situations where we might want to keep him close and not wandering off or getting himself into trouble.

Recently, we were lucky enough to add a new tool to our babywearing and adventure gear arsenal.  The Kowalli is a carrier cover that can be worn right over our ergobaby carrier so as we are out and about, it keeps us warm and protected from all kinds of weather elements.  Right off the bat, there are so many things to love about the Kowalli brand:

  • Kowalli is an American owned and operated small business, and all of their products are designed and manufactured in the USA.  Even the materials for their carrier covers, booties & hats are 100% American.
  • The fleece used for their products is high quality Polartec, which is weather-treated to protect against and repel rain, snow, and wind.
  • Simple, yet genius design.  The carrier cover is “one-size fits all/most” making it easy to share with other babywearing adults, and it’s just so smart! I love how easy it is to bring along and wear to provide extra warmth for me and Bergen.

Adventure Gear: Staying Warm and Dry with Kowalli's Carrier Cover |

I’ve had the chance to test out the Kowalli with Bergen on our neighborhood walks and also while cheering on our beloved Seattle Sounders soccer team on a cold & rainy evening.  Bergen can walk quite a long way (in toddler terms) on his own and he’s also been learning to use his balance bike, so lately we’ve played around with ditching the stroller and just using the ergo carrier for backup.  Now that we’re getting some chillier temperatures, the Kowalli really comes in handy to keep us both warm, often when we are making our way back home after some serious play!

About the Kowalli Carrier Cover

The Kowalli carrier cover is made of weather-treated Polartec fleece, and works with all soft carriers with the child being worn in all positions (front, back, side, facing out, etc). The fleece protects adult and child from cold, wind, rain & snow,  and is recommended to be used, in coordination with appropriate layers, in temperatures as low as 15 degrees F (-10 C).  Since the carrier cover has a toga-style design, the child being worn can always see out.  The drawstring cinches around the top and bottom lock warmth in, and also create a comfortable fit for all wearers.  

Adventure Gear: Staying Warm and Dry with Kowalli's Carrier Cover |

How the Kowalli Works

  • Once the child is set in the carrier (front, back or side), slip the Kowalli over your head.  So far, I’ve needed help from another adult with this part (since Bergen is on my back), but I think I’ll get the hang of it with more practice!
  • Place your right arm through the arm hole, and left hand out through the top. 
  • The left side stays open (toga-style) allowing the child to see out.  
  • Cinch the drawstring cords at the top and bottom for a snug fit. 
  • Easiest way to remove the Kowalli is by uncinching & just letting it drop down towards the ground. 

Adventure Gear: Staying Warm and Dry with Kowalli's Carrier Cover |

What’s to Love? 

  • First and foremost, the Kowalli really keeps me and Bergen warm! I love the simple design, and the fact that we can utilize the carrier cover in fall, winter and spring.  When we were testing it out in the park the other day, I was blown away by how much colder I was when I took the cover off to let Bergen run around.  
  • The Kowalli is comfortable and easy to layer with other coats and outer pieces depending on temperature and weather.  
  • Since it’s “one-size fits most”, the carrier cover can be worn by multiple adults.  Slaed and I can both use the cover, but just adjust the two elastic cord pieces (top and bottom) to fit.  
  • A small addition, but the built-in pouch on the front of the Kowalli is the perfect hand warmer and something I always wished for in my ergo.  
  • I love all the fun colors that the Kowalli line offers.  We actually chose the most popular color combination: “Onyx/Shining Sea”, but there are 4 other awesome color combinations to choose from.  

Adventure Gear: Staying Warm and Dry with Kowalli's Carrier Cover |

What’s to be desired? 

Well…I wish I’d known about this carrier cover two years ago!  We still have some “babywearing” life left with Bergen, but since he’s doing so much of his own adventuring, we don’t get to use the carrier (and cover) as much as before.  

Our only suggestion might be to create a waterproof version.  Living in Seattle, much of our outdoor time can be disrupted with rain, but we tend to press-on as best we can and adjust our outerwear accordingly.  The fleece is weather-treated, protecting us from the wet, but a waterproof addition might make the carrier cover even more water resistant.  

Interested in winning a Kowalli Carrier Cover of your own? Enter my giveaway! 

Please note: The folks at Kowalli generously provided us with a carrier cover for review on the blog.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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Adventure Gear: Staying Warm and Dry with Kowalli's Carrier Cover |

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