Seattle Area Adventure: Play and Eat (and save!) in Green Lake

Who doesn’t love a lake? Here in Seattle we have a few good ones, but there’s one in particular that’s just kind of perfect, and it’s got a nice little neighborhood to go along with it.  Green Lake has always been a part of our Seattle life.

Seattle Area Adventure: Play and Eat (and Save!) in Green Lake |

Before Bergen, our 2 year old son,  (and even our dog) came along, Slaed and I would meet here for a walk after work or on the weekends.  I attribute much of my half marathon success to it’s wonderful 2.8 mile loop trail.  And now, with Bergen along for the ride, the possibilities are endless with it’s awesome playground, rock throwing spots, lawns to romp and play, and even a wading pool and paddle boats.  We hope one day soon, we’ll get to walk the loop while he scoots around on his little bike.

Walk, run, bike, push a stroller, roller blade (I’ve even seen a lady roller blading while pushing a stroller), skate board, you name it, people flock here whether or not the sun is shining.  And those are just the ways they get around the lake.  Others fish, row, swim, paddle, read, or just catch up with a friend within the park’s borders.

This week we visited the area before hitting up the Woodland Park Zoo for their member appreciation night, and thanks to the Chinook Book, we save managed to save at 2 local spots.

Dinner…Coupon #1: $10 off $30 at Duke’s Chowder House:

Seattle Area Adventure: Play and Eat (and Save!) in Green Lake |

Duke’s has many delicious seafood options, and obviously given their name, they are famous for their tasty chowder.  The clam chowder is award winning (they even share the recipe!) and what we always go for as our appetizer.  From there, we look to their specials and often gravitate toward a sandwich to save money.  This time, I chose the blackened halibut sandwich while Slaed couldn’t resist the Dungeness crab melt.  Bergen was happy to share off both of our plates, and couldn’t get enough of their locally made sourdough bread.

Duke’s is just north of the lake, so with a seat on a patio we could enjoy the view as well as keep track of the action happening along the loop.  We’re grateful for the coupon as prices can be a bit steep for this type of family friendly dining.

Dessert…Coupon #2: FREE cupcake when you purchase a 2nd cupcake of equal or greater value at Cake Envy.

Seattle Area Adventure: Play and Eat (and Save!) in Green Lake |

When we settled on Duke’s for dinner, I vaguely recalled there being a cake shop nearby.  Sure enough when I did some checking, I found Cake Envy was just a few steps away making it the perfect spot for an after dinner treat.

Not only were the cupcakes pretty to look at, but they were also proved to be just as tasty to eat.  I particularly loved the subtlety of the lavender frosting on top of the chocolate cupcake.  I’m pretty sure Bergen preferred the vanilla strawberry judging his lip smacks and thoroughness;  he made sure he didn’t miss even one tiny bit of frosting from his fingers.  Don’t worry though, just like his ice cream intake, we are watching his cupcake consumption carefully and he still only gets to share morsels from each of ours.

Activity…Bonus Coupon: $2 off  general admission to the Woodland Park Zoo

Just up the hill from Green Lake is Seattle’s own Woodland Park Zoo and was our reason for getting out on this particular evening.  Since we’re members (Thanks, Gramma!), there is no need for us to use the coupon, but it’s a great option for non-members, and can be used for a group of up to 4 people.

Info to Know: 

  • Green Lake (and the surrounding neighborhood) is located north of downtown Seattle:
    • 7201 E Greenlake Dr N, 98115
    • Open 24 hours/day
  • You’ll find free and paid parking options depending on the location around the lake and popularity of the spot. We always manage to find nonpaid spots when we’re patient.
  • Duke’s is on the north side of the lake: 7850 Green Lake Drive North
  • Cake Envy is less than a block away:  7900 East Green Lake drive North

Seattle Area Adventure: Play and Eat (and Save!) in Green Lake |


Do you have a favorite recreation spot in your hometown? Tell us about your go-to place in the comments!

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5 thoughts on “Seattle Area Adventure: Play and Eat (and save!) in Green Lake

  1. I loved my trip to Green Lake. Right now I’m visiting Donner Lake and plan to get to Lake Tahoe. Did you know that it is so clear that you can see objects 100 feet below its surface? My favorite is Peach Lake in New York.

    • I did NOT know that fact about Lake Tahoe, Martie! That’s incredible! I will have to test that out the next time I visit. Donner Lake is quite beautiful too. Be careful with the sun!

      I’m pretty partial to Peach Lake as well.

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