6 Tips for Attending Sporting Events with Toddlers

We are a sports-loving family. I married a sports fanatic of sorts, but I’m a huge fan myself. We love rallying around our local teams here in Seattle, and will incorporate sporting events in our travels as well. As a couple, in addition to the Seattle area sports scene, we attended college football games, baseball games, the Winter Olympics, and even a NASCAR race on the road. Now that Bergen is along for the ride, we continue fueling our love of competition with a few changes here and there.

Family at the Seattle Sounders Soccer Match | WildTalesof.com

In his young life, Bergen (now 21 months) has attended countless soccer and baseball games, a hockey match, watched horse racing at the local track, attended a roller derby bout, and even cheered on yours truly in two half marathons. It fills us with pride to see him enjoying himself so much at these events. He claps, he yells, and in the case of soccer, he even watches and follows the ball!

With all this sports excitement we’ve come up with a few strategies and tips that make our outings successful. Keep in mind though that in our experience, the vast majority of sporting events are inherently family-friendly. You’re bound to meet other parents with kids or at the very least sit near fellow spectators who will look upon your little ones with fondness.

Read all about how we manage to attend sporting events with a toddler in tow over at Walking on Travels where my friend Keryn, also a fellow Seattleite, writes a blog that inspires me on a daily basis. She “won’t let her kids stop her wanderlust”…I like the sound of that!


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