Colds Happen: Traveler’s Tool Kit for Helping Sick Babies and Toddlers on the Road

Babies get colds.  For us, every time we turn around, it seems like Bergen has picked up some sort of bug.  It’s not often at home though.  It always seems that the little guy gets sick when we travel.  You’d think we’d call it quits.  We’re not about to give it up, even though colds and other sicknesses actually feel so much worse when we’re away from the comforts of home.

With all these colds and just the fact that we are parents of a toddler, you’d also think our tool kit would be pretty obvious, but I’ve added to it in the 18 months or so we have been traveling with Bergen.  I just didn’t think of these things or think we’d need them in the beginning.

I’ve learned the hard way that it’s much easier to be prepared,  than to scramble at our destination.  We can tell you first hand that these tools are readily available (at least where we’ve traveled so far), but who wants to run out to the store at 9, 10, 11 o’clock in the evening?

Travel Tool Kit for Sick Babies and Young Toddlers on the Road:

1. Tylenol/Acetaminophen 

In the event of a higher than normal temperature, tylenol/acetaminophen is often a necessary remedy.  We also now keep it handy to help with possible ear pain on the airplane.

2. Snot Sucker

Whether you use an aspirator or one of those “nose fridas”, it’s nice to be able to help your little one out with the endless spicket of mucus that comes out of the nose during a cold.  I always feel so bad that they don’t know how to blow their nose! Even just a few months ago we weren’t traveling with this tool.  Since we had to go out and buy a new one on Christmas day while traveling in California, I find room for it in your bag!

3. Saline

Another recent addition.  The little bottles of baby saline that gently depress a moisturizing salt and water mixture into the nasal passages really help clear up Bergen’s stuffy nose.  Also, with so few remedies out there that are appropriate for babies, I can at least feel like I’m doing something!

4. Thermometer

Yet another tool that I didn’t instinctively pack.  Thankfully Bergen really hasn’t had any worrisome temperature spikes, but it’s nice to be able to rule out a fever when faced with the sick baby.

5. Anti-bacterial Wipes

I’m thinking some of you out there can think of endless possibilities for these, some might think they are overkill.  For me, I’m not one to go crazy cleaning every surface my little guy might possibly touch.  Some germs are good, right? However, a few wipes do come in handy when noses are running all over the place, and Bergen is spreading his sickness everywhere.

6. Tissues

It’s nice to have a little travel-size pack for obvious reasons, but again I didn’t always intuitively take these along.  The softer, the better to save their poor little noses.

7. Vaseline/Petroleum Jelly

We now carry along a little tube and find it quite useful.  For us, it’s particularly helpful for when Bergen’s runny nose has been wiped too many times for us to count and it’s red, irritated, and sometimes even dry and cracked.  I also hear vaseline is necessary for use of some types of thermometers.

Traveler’s Tool Kit for Helping Sick Babies and Toddlers on the Road:

Poor guy spent a sleepless Christmas Eve…now we’re more prepared.

Note: I’m in no way a health professional.  For advice on treating colds and other sicknesses, consult your physician.  

You must have additions of easy-to-pack remedies and tools for the cold kit.  Please add your ideas for tools and products that will help all of our little ones.  Leave a comment! 

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14 thoughts on “Colds Happen: Traveler’s Tool Kit for Helping Sick Babies and Toddlers on the Road

  1. Love the tissues with lotion and the tube of vaseline. I like to pack a small tube of neosporin (antibiotic ointment) for cuts.

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