A Visit to Arizona’s Biltmore Hotel: Mom & Toddler’s Takeaways

While in the Phoenix area we managed to squeeze in a visit to the Arizona Biltmore Hotel.  Between Bergen’s nap schedule, Mariner Spring Training games, and vital family time, we were busy, and taking your toddler to a luxury hotel was a bit of a hard sell to my travel companions.  I was curious about the design.  I heard raves about the Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired architecture, and on the other hand, I heard others say it reminded them of a jail.

Entrance Arizona Biltmore Hotel

This adventure needed to be quick and focused.  We still managed to enjoy ourselves though as we toured the grounds with drinks in hand.

I had to takeaways from the experience:

  • Look Up
  • Look Out

When looking up, the details in the ceiling and in the lighting are incredible.  I learned that Frank Lloyd Wright is known for his use of low ceilings, and this was especially evident to me in the bathroom of all places.  My favorite though was the lighting in Wright’s Restaurant.

Lighting Wright's Restaurant Arizona Biltmore

Wander out to the courtyard, look out, and you’ll notice all the little touches that make this space an architectural marvel.  The landscaping, the placement of artwork, and the structure of the hotel itself all come together and was quite pleasing to my eye.  I also feel like Camelback Mountain in the distance is necessary for all of these elements to work.

Arizona Biltmore Hotel

Bergen (18 months) also had two takeaways from the experience:

  • Throw oranges
  • Try to take a swim in those lovely fountains

Ever since he found out that balls were for throwing, he’s found all sorts of round shaped objects to practice his skill.  The abundance of oranges in the Phoenix area was perfect for his new hobby and worked wonders on the his accuracy.

Throwing oranges Arizona Biltmore

Running with orange in hand Arizona Biltmore Hotel

Bergen is a water baby.  He seems to think any water, whether an ice cold lake, murky swamp, or gorgeous fountain, would be a great place to take a dip.  In fact we quickly had to whisk him away from the pool because he started throwing a fit not being able to get in and enjoy a swim.

Fountains Arizona Biltmore Hotel

Needless to say, I’m a fan of the hotel and the hotel’s design even though I may never get chance to actually spend the night!

Are you a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright? What structures of his design have you visited? 

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Oranges Arizona Biltmore Hotel

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12 thoughts on “A Visit to Arizona’s Biltmore Hotel: Mom & Toddler’s Takeaways

    • Nice! Thanks for stopping by today, Debbie. We go to the Phoenix every year to visit my husband’s mom. We love it! What are some of your Phoenix favorites…always looking for more to explore. 🙂

  1. I’ll be on a girlfriend’s weekend getaway to Phoenix in a few weeks. You just convinced me to make a stop here or maybe eat at the patio too. It’s beautiful! It’s beyond our budget to spend the night too so we’ll just stroll through 🙂 B is adorable with those oranges!!

    • Ha! We’ve often thought he should take up bowling 🙂 Tried bocce ball recently, but all he did was throw the balls down (with quite a purpose). Thanks for your comment & for stopping by the blog!

  2. Your Bergen stories make me laugh. Aren’t kids great?! The only FLW building I’ve seen in person is The Guggenheim. I’d love to see Falling Water someday. I don’t think my hubby would be a fan of the low ceilings since he’s on the tall side. That picture of the outdoor sculpture that looks like fans opening up is my favorite.

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