Embracing the Arrival of Spring at the Seattle’s Washington Park Arboretum

With the sun beaming in through the windows and gorgeous blue sky greeting us this morning, I knew we had to get outside while it lasted.  What better way to enjoy the spring weather than at our nearby Washington Park Arboretum?  Little legs can run free while I take some time to check out what’s in bloom, and try to soak in as much warmth and rays before the clouds return.

From the moment those stroller wheels touched ground inside the park boundary, Bergen and his buddy Dylan were in their element.  Pointing at the trees, following robins as they fluttered by, and “remarking” about whatever else they noticed.  Soon stroller patience was over, and it was time to get out and really explore.

Washington Park Arboretum Bridge

Pink was around every corner.  I love the green of Western Washington just as much as the next gal, but it’s nice to have some variety back in our landscape.

Flowers Washington Park Arboretum

It was clear the birds were grateful for this day just like the rest of us at the park (from runners, to cyclists, to dog walkers and school children).  Their songs became our background noise and soon the boys were doing their best to sound just like them or at least laugh at my attempts.

Robin Washington Park Arboretum

Toward the end of our time at the park, Bergen proved he loved being out running the trails even more than I thought.    While he’s a happy guy, he’s not one for cuddling or creating tender moments.  He’s much too busy for such things and would rather be off getting his hands dirty and making messes.  Today was different though.  After a shriek, he came barreling down the path in my direction as I was crouched down taking photos and gave me a great big hug.

Trail Washington Park Arboretum

It didn’t stop there though.  No, Bergen had more love to give.  After he was finished with me, he scrambled right over to his buddy for his very first “friend hug”.

Big Hug: Washington Park Arboretum

Hug: Washington Park Arboretum

Do you share his sentiment for the new season? 

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