Dwellable’s New Vacation Rental App: So Fresh and So Clean

Sampling of Vacation Rentals

A sampling of views from some of our vacation rentals.

It’s probably not news to you if you follow the blog, especially on facebook, that I’m a big fan of staying in vacation rentals as opposed to hotels while traveling.  With so many amenities, hotels definitely have their place for us, but even before Bergen came along, I was singing the praises of these “homes away from home”.  Rentals offer flexibility, give us a chance to get away from the crowds, and allow for peace of mind when someone might wake up screaming in the middle of the night (no worries of those fellow hotel-stayers next door).  Often they also save us a lot of money, particularly with longer stays, and I recently discovered a vacation rental search engine (website & now a handy new mobile app): Dwellable.

So Fresh

Dwellable recently rolled out their newest version of the app (2.0) making it even easier to search for properties on the go.  With the app available on iphone (and ipod touch), everything is literally at your finger tips.  You’ll see freshness from the very start as you open the app and see waves crashing on a beach: What a way to set the mood for vacation planning!  At this point, simply enter your destination, and then you can browse the rentals available depending on your organizational preference:

  • List
  • Photos
  • Map

My favorite is the map setting.  Pins drop all over the area of your destination.  Click on the pin you’re interested in and up pops a picture with price information, name, and number of beds and baths.  Click on the actual picture, and you’re taken to even more detailed information including, most importantly, owner contact or website of the property.

So Clean

Even though this is the latest and greatest version of the Dwellable app, it doesn’t mean there is information flying at you in every which way.  Presentation is clean and easy to follow.  I love how concise each listing is shown.  What you need to know in order to make a good decision on your vacation rental including price, dates available, features, and more photos is all there, but it’s not overwhelming.  I should also point out that the photos are a breeze to view.  Click on one and you can then swipe through just like you would your own photos on your device.

Lastly in terms of clean design, when your chosen destination has neighborhoods or geographic areas (and most likely a large volume of rentals), Dwellable breaks the listings down and organizes them making it even easier to search.  For example, when I searched Kauai, my results are broken down into East, North, South and West. Much simpler for my cluttered brain to follow!

Dwellable Kauai

All In All

I love what Dwellable has come up with, and I find myself opening up the app just as an excuse to explore new places, daydream, and get lost in my future travel plans.  Have you discovered Dwellable? What do you think?

Leave your favorite travel app as of late here in the comment section.  I’d love to check it out!

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Note: I was not compensated for my review of the new Dwellable app. Just excited to share a new travel tool with you,  reader!

4 thoughts on “Dwellable’s New Vacation Rental App: So Fresh and So Clean

    • Glad you stumbled upon the post, Tara. I haven’t used Airbnb yet (just homeaway, vrbo, and now dwellable), but it looks like a really amazing resource for international travel. Looking forward to checking out your site!

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