Quick Travel Tip from a Dad (#3): Smile for the Camera

My husband Slaed, a seasoned traveler, has no shortage of advice when it comes to hitting the roads, rails, skies, and even waterways.  Fatherhood did throw him for a loop, but with almost a year and a half of travel with a little one under his belt, he’s got some creative ideas and some gems of advice he wants to pass along to you fellow travelers out there.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, toddlers are unpredictable.  Smiling and laughing one minute.  Laying on the ground and screaming the next.  Even when you catch them in a good mood, capturing a great shot with the camera can be extra challenging and tricky to pull off.  Sometimes Bergen (17 months) sees the camera, and walks in the other direction while other times, we wants to grab it out of my hands.  No standing still for this guy, so holding him for a posed shot doesn’t always work out.  Even if he’s strapped to my back in the ergo, he’s more likely to check out the scenery than look in the direction of the photographer. Times are tough around here.

Solution Found.

While scrambling along the trails, beaches, and sidewalks of Orcas Island, Washington, Slaed discovered a great new trick to get our little guy grinning, and as a result we got some pretty sweet snapshots of him on our adventures. The trick was discovered quite by accident when Slaed lost his footing at the top of Mount Constitution.  He slid in the gravel, and Bergen just thought this was hilarious.  Of course we tried it again to see if these pretend falls and clumsy maneuvers would get him going again.  It did indeed work! We realized we were on to something.
Mount Constitution Tower Orcas Island

A Bit of Warning.

Now that you know this great trick, don’t go falling all over the place all the time.  You can have too much of a good thing, and if you try the trick too many times, the novelty will be sure to wear off.  Keep the idea in your back pocket and only bring it out when you really need it! Also, the trick is best if you work as a team.  One person tripping and flailing around, and one person at the ready with the camera so you don’t miss an adorable crack-up.

What are your tips and tricks for taking great photographs of your kids? Share with us.

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2 thoughts on “Quick Travel Tip from a Dad (#3): Smile for the Camera

    • Thanks, Jessica! Ha! Less embarrassing…it may be! Jumping up and down is a good trick too 🙂 Though Bergen just kind of looks like we’re nuts when we do that—hey, at least he’s looking the right way!

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