Queen’s Bath on North Shore of Kauai: Fit for Royalty or Daredevil?

Hike to the Queen's Bath Kauai

While on the North Shore of Kauai back in November as we meandered around Princeville in awe of the streaming fountains and finely manicured lawns, we went off the beaten path and took a short but treacherous hike down to the Queen’s Bath.

Queen's Bath Kauai Warning Sign

Would you dare to take a dip?

The Queen’s Bath is essentially a rock pool carved out by the ocean’s waves.  It’s a legendary snorkeling spot though highly discouraged, especially in the winter months.  At any moment one of those waves can come in and sweep bathers or even bystanders into the ocean.

Queen's Bath Kauai

We did not see any bathers while we explored the area, but one brave sole did stand right at the edge of the pool, and just happened to begin walking back when a huge wave crashed into the pool refreshing the water.

Queen's Bath Kauai

What would you do?  Is it worth the risk to experience this natural beauty or would you rather admire from afar?

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Queen's Bath Kauai

10 thoughts on “Queen’s Bath on North Shore of Kauai: Fit for Royalty or Daredevil?

    • Thank you! Yup, we were certainly curious, but didn’t want to go any further than we were standing in the last picture. I couldn’t believe the guy standing at the edge got out just in the nick of time!

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