A Wild Tales of…Travel and Adventure 2013

Just what does 2013 have in store for us? For this new year of travel, we’ve made some tough decisions, booked a few flights and accommodations, have a few more possible trips (though not yet finalized), and even some time where we know we’re going somewhere, but we just don’t know where yet.

Tough Decisions

Back in the late summer, we finalized plans to remodel our house.  We knew there would be some days and weeks of particularly heavy construction.  What better way to deal with the noise and inconvenience than to skip town? We strategically planned two trips around some of the more invasive periods.  One was our Christmas trip to Truckee, CA to visit with my family.  The second would have been a trip to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.  We honeymooned in Nicaragua, and a good friend was offering up his bungalow once again. We thought we had a perfect getaway, and couldn’t wait for Bergen to use his passport for the first time.

Then we got to thinking, and agonizing, and worrying, and analyzing the travel time and distance.  As we learned from our Kauai trip, and then again even for a short trip down to California,  our young toddler and airplanes do not mix well.  A trip to Nicaragua would have meant three-long-flights, than another 1 1/2 hours of driving.  Only to stay for a week, and turn around to do a repeat trip back home.  We are adventurous, but also realistic, and we finally had to draw the line in deciding it was too much for our little traveler.  With Slaed only being able to take a week off from work, it just wasn’t worth the huge effort.  We resolved to keep the time “in transit” to a minimum this year, and save some longer voyages for when Bergen is a little older, and has a longer attention span.

Travel Plans

Just because we’re not going to Nicaragua, doesn’t mean we’re staying home until Bergen grows up a bit.  We have several trips planned that involve a more manageable itinerary.

2013 Wish List

  • We head to the San Juan Islands this month, and aside from taking it easy and enjoying the view off the deck of our rental house on Orcas Island, I can’t wait to explore the State Parks and tiny villages scattered throughout.  I’m particularly excited to hike up to Mount Constitution in Moran State Park, and we have plans to see the Aeolian pipe organ and experience a live performance at the Rosario Resort.
  • In March, we’re off to the Phoenix area to visit my mother-in-law.  We’ll finally get some much needed Vitamin D and Grandma time, see the Mariners face the Dodgers in Spring Training, and hopefully see some new places.  A road trip to Prescott, AZ is in the works, and I also have my eye on the Desert Botanical Garden.
  • Bergen loved the train so much last year that we planned a repeat trip down to Oregon in April.  We may stick with Portland, but are also thinking of going further south to Eugene.
  • Lastly, we have 2 trips to Montana on the calendar.  In June we head to Paradise Valley to celebrate the wedding of two dear friends.  Along with their celebration, we’ll spend some time in Yellowstone National Park.  In October we’re back to Big Sky Country, but this time to Missoula for University of Montana’s homecoming (Slaed’s alma mater).

Travel Possibilities

  • I really hope we can squeeze in a trip to Madison, Wisconsin for my cousin’s wedding in August.  Maybe we can work Chicago in there too?
  • Growing up, as far back as I can remember, we vacationed in North Carolina’s Outer Banks.  My parents loved it so much that they bought a beach house there, and it became our getaway.  Many a spring break, summer break, and even Thanksgiving break were spent there from grade school to college.  Over Christmas, my brother mentioned his plan to visit in early September with his family.  I think we should join him!

As usual a whole lot of Seattle and the Puget Sound area is waiting to be explored by us.  I even have a little Seattle project up my sleeve that I can’t wait to tell you about.  We’ll continue to visit our favorite places, and make time for new discoveries.  I can’t wait to get going!

Where will 2013 take you this year? What are your resolutions? What do you hope to change? What do you plan to keep the same?

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