Quick Travel Tip from a Dad: (#2) No Highchair, No problem.

My husband Slaed, a seasoned traveler, has no shortage of advice when it comes to hitting the roads, rails, skies, and even waterways.  Fatherhood did throw him for a loop, but with almost a year and a half of travel with a little one under his belt, he’s got some creative ideas and some gems of advice he wants to pass along to you fellow travelers out there.

Brunch at the Squeeze In in Truckee, CA

Just how did we get away without using a highchair?

Over the holidays while visiting my brother in the Tahoe area, we found ourselves at a busy and quite popular brunch spot.  After waiting about 20 minutes for a table with tummies grumbling, and a certain toddler getting harder and harder to wrangle, the staff notified us that we’d also have to wait for a high chair.  We were not about to hold Bergen in our laps, and he’s certainly not big enough yet for his own chair.

Dad to the rescue. 

Lucky for us, the restaurant did have a couple of booster seats available.  It turns out that with the help of a good belt, the booster seat can be attached to a chair creating a makeshift highchair.  This contraption might have even kept Bergen more secure than our usual setup.  According to the Slaed, the best kind of belt is one that’s adjustable without holes though any belt will do in a real pinch.

Using a belt with a booster seat

Have you run into a dining predicament where you had to act fast and on your feet? Share your experience here.

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8 thoughts on “Quick Travel Tip from a Dad: (#2) No Highchair, No problem.

    • Oh, that’s a good idea too, as broken or non-existent seatbelts on high chairs can happen quite a bit!

      Yes, Dad definitely saved the day there…I was standing there thinking we were going to have a less than pleasant experience…then my husband whips off his belt! It all turned out well 🙂

    • We’ve done the stroller thing too, Jen. Not ideal, but it works in a pinch…as long as there is enough room in the restaurant.

      Thanks for stopping by the blog today!

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