Happy Holidays from Wild Tales of..!

As the last of our Christmas cards were written, posted, and mailed last night, I also wanted to send our blessings to you wonderful readers! We wish the very best this holiday season, and a very happy and healthy 2013.  Thank you for following along in our adventure, encouraging us, and adding to the conversation with your comments, tips, and advice!

2013 will  bring us a brand-new journey of adventuring and traveling with a full-blown toddler, and we look forward to sharing those times, both thrilling and challenging, with you.

Happy Holidays from Wild Tales of...

If you’ve read our “about” page, you already know that the name of our blog, “Wild Tales of…” originated from my husband’s first Christmas card in this series, where I was “featured”.  We are now sending our 6th “Wild Tales of…” Christmas card thanks to our friend, Megan, an amazing artist and graphic designer.

For our final travel escapade of 2012, we’ll be flying down to my brother’s home in Truckee, California (via Reno, NV) for Christmas with my entire family!  9 adults & 6 kids under the age of 7 with 3 of those kids under 18-months! A guaranteed White Christmas, and a guaranteed rowdy, fun-filled holiday. You can check in to see what we’re up to in the beautiful Sierra Mountain town on facebook & twitter.

Enjoy the holidays with your family and friends & safe travels!


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