A Christmas Evening in Downtown Seattle: 3 Free Happenings

Westlake Center Christmas Tree: Seattle, WA

Westlake Center: Downtown Seattle

Since nearly all of our Christmas shopping was completed, last Sunday it was time to kick back, and finally take in some Christmas festivities without the fear of the to-do list looming over us.  It turns out that all three of the sights we saw on Sunday evening were free with two of them collecting donations for very worthy children’s causes.

1. Teddy Bear Suite: Fairmont Olympic Hotel

Inside this magical hotel in Suite 342 is an adorable little hideaway full of teddy bears! When we reached the suite, we were promptly asked to set the stroller aside.  I must admit, we were worried that Bergen would destroy the place since we didn’t exactly know what to expect.  We were pleasantly surprised.  Sure, we couldn’t just let Bergen run wild, but the place is made for kids.  Teddy Bears galore to touch and hug.  A big bed that you are allowed to sit on.  Beautiful Christmas decorations with plenty of lights and sparkle.

The lobby of the hotel was also decked out with a gorgeous Christmas tree adorned with oversize ornaments, and their own pastry chef’s gingerbread house creation, which includes our newest addition to the “skyline”: the great wheel.    And finally, the lower lobby has a lovely display with Santa by the fireside checking his list!

Teddy Bear Suite Fairmont Olympic Hotel Seattle

2. Gingerbread Village: Sheraton Hotel

Unlike the Teddy Bear Suite, this was not the first time for us to visit the Sheraton’s Gingerbread Village.  It’s become an annual tradition for Slaed and I to see what the amazing architecture and culinary artists will come up with in their designs.  Depending on the time of day, and day of the week, your wait will vary.  On this particular Sunday evening, we waited about 20 minutes.  Certainly doable for a couple of adults with plenty of people-watching, but for Bergen, he needed a little more convincing.  A “snacktrap” full of cheerios did the trick.

This year’s theme is “Once Upon a Time”, so each of the creations was an elaborately made castle (6 in all) from a fairy tale.  My favorite was the the “Brothers Grimm Castle of Fairy Tales”.  I’m a sucker for traditional, and loved the little details like the stained glass windows and actual working drawbridge!  Slaed’s favorite was the “Alice in Wonderland” castle.

Seattle Sheraton's Gingerbread Village

3. Snow Show: Pacific Place

Our last stop before dinner was to see the snow show at Pacific Place.  At 6pm each evening (11/23/12-12/31/12), snow falls throughout the atrium! The experience is complete with festive Christmas music blaring and even a visit from Santa.  Bergen thought the snow was nice for a few seconds, but he was more interested in dancing, and taking laps around the 2nd floor where we were viewing the show.  Certainly okay by us: What better way to wear yourself out just in time to hit the sack?

Seattle Pacfic Place Snow Show

What fun holiday festivities are a part of your family’s tradition?

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