Quick Travel Tip from a Dad: (#1) Drinks on the Airplane

My husband Slaed, a seasoned traveler, has no shortage of advice when it comes to hitting the roads, rails, skies, and even waterways.  Fatherhood did throw him for a loop, but with almost a year and a half of travel with a little one under his belt, he’s got some creative ideas and some gems of advice he wants to pass along to you fellow travelers out there.

Who’s traveling for the holidays? 

Dad on the Plane

This first tip comes just in time for the busy holiday travel season.  The Setting: The dreaded Airplane.  The airports and airplanes are overflowing with more travelers than usual, kids are overexcited in anticipation of presents and goodies, and you just might be over your patience limit.

Once you’ve climbed aboard, have had a chance to settle in, and come to a comfortable cruising altitude, when that drink cart comes around, don’t just go with your usual soda or juice choice.  Go for the good stuff: A Nice Refreshing Beer (in a bottle), and make sure to decline the plastic cup.

Why is this a good choice?

1. It’s the perfect time to sit back, relax, and enjoy a cold one. Remember, you’re on vacation.  Plus, studies show, beer (in moderation) has some great health benefits.

2. A bottle of beer is much easier to handle around your squirmy baby or grabby toddler, than any other drink in a plastic airplane cup.  You can pull it away from your little one without it spilling all over the place.

3. A bottle of beer, when you aren’t drinking it, fits perfectly in the seat back pocket, and is not likely to to pour out if you accidentally knock it with your knee.

Please note: Make your own responsible choices.  We are in no way advocating overdoing the alcohol consumption here.

How do you stay sane while traveling during the holidays? Share your tips here.

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