Braving the Seattle Grays One Walk at a Time

Yesterday Bergen, Norman, and I found ourselves back at the Arboretum.  Both guys needed a walk and some outside time, and I wanted to see what the Arboretum was up to as winter nears.

Washington Park Arboretum

Pleasantly surprised to see a burst of purple color.

I decided to stop into the Visitor’s Center, something I’d usually skip.  I could come up with a bunch of great reasons to encourage one to go inside, and explain why we decided to go in this day, but let’s be honest, the real reason is that I heard they were now selling coffee and Cougar Mountain cookies.  Along with my fresh cup of coffee, I picked up a bag of the special Arboretum Blend coffee beans from Zoka Roasters.  Someone on my Christmas list is very lucky.  The volunteer at the desk greeted us, and said something that made me stop and think: “My…you’re brave to be out and about on a day like today…”.

It wasn’t even raining.

We’ve done some things with Bergen that others might think twice about, but a walk outside? That’s not so brave.  Right? For us, it’s more of a necessity.  Outside in nature, Bergen is happy.  He’s calm.  He’s content.  The puddles.  Rocks. Grass to run his hands through.  It’s also the wide-space allowing him to toddle to his heart’s content.  And an added bonus: Wonderful naps at home follow a good romp outside.

Toddler Arborteum

Happy Toddler Arboretum

Exploring the ground: WA Park Arborteum

Toddling: WA Park Arboretum

Joyful: WA Park Arboretum

Where is your favorite place to roam free outdoors (with your little ones or by yourself) even in the cold, dark {almost} winter? Share.

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6 thoughts on “Braving the Seattle Grays One Walk at a Time

  1. oh that looks like so much fun! Avery loves going to the park on our street. There’s a playground and open space to run. It’s too dark now when we get home to go, so we can only go on the weekends now 😦

    • We are all too familiar with the darkness problem. I always feel like we are racing to beat the sunset in the afternoons. Bergen loves to look at the houses all decorated with lights though–he gets so excited. I bet Avery would too.

      • I was thinking of taking Avery out one night to show him some lights… gotta get a glow stick or something so people can see us though…. maybe tonight. He loves lights too!

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