Playdate with Dad: Seattle’s International Children’s Park

While I put my eyes through the ringer at the eye doctor, Bergen and his Dad got to spend a beautiful afternoon toddling around Seattle’s Chinatown/International District.  Much to our surprise, Bergen sometimes insists on walking these days.  We don’t get very far, very fast, but at least he’s learned how to wear himself out.

One of the highlights of their adventure was the International Children’s Park.  The park has been around since the early 1980’s, but was recently redesigned and renovated to improve visibility, safety, and just generally bring the park up-to-date.

International Children's Park

A visit here would be a great addition to any International District outing.  Uwajimaya’s (our Pacific Northwest Asian Grocery store chain)  Seattle location is located just 2 blocks North, the Wing Luke Museum is 2 blocks East, and there are countless restaurants to enjoy delicious Asian cuisine.

It seemed to be a perfect little park for Bergen.  Great for wandering around, and good opportunities for climbing.  Slaed thought the best feature was the drums of various sizes and colors just outside the play structure area.

Seattle International Children's Park

In addition to the dragon sculpture (pictured below) that was kept from the original park design, three more art pieces, created by Stuart Nakamura and inspired by the neighborhood’s culture and community, were installed: a bronze ball, mosaic top, and metal coin.

International District Playground

I look forward to exploring the space myself.  For more information, check out the Friends of the International Children’s Park blog, and the Seattle Parks and Recreation page.

International District Playground1

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