An Unexpected Surprise: Hula Pie on the South Shore of Kauai

There we were at Keoki’s Paradise, a restaurant in Po’ipu, Kauai on the South shore already enjoying our tasty fish and chips, and fish tacos along with the tropical smoothie that we thought Bergen would enjoy (he didn’t, but that was okay with us).  Bergen was being pleasant enough though it’s hard not to worry that his antics are bothering other diners.

An older couple approached our table.  I could be a little paranoid, but I can’t help but think they might want to complain about our rambunctious little guy or maybe they’re wondering what we were thinking bringing him to the restaurant where they were just trying to have a nice, peaceful lunch?

Was that the case? Of course not.  They just wanted to give us their receipt that was redeemable for a free hula pie.  They had already had their share of hula pies, and wanted to pass on the deliciousness to us.  I’m not one to pass up dessert, and Slaed’s not one to pass up free things, so needless to say we indulged.  Bergen was pretty happy about the whole thing too.

What exactly is a hula pie? I was wondering the same thing.  It starts with a chocolate cookie crust, then is topped with macadamia nut ice cream, and finished off with plenty of whipped cream, generous amounts of chocolate sauce, and more macadamia nuts.  It also comes on is very own special plate.   Sound good?

Hula Pie Keoki's ParadiseHula Pie


Do you think Bergen enjoyed his first Hawaiian dessert?

Tell us about some of the best desserts you’ve treated yourself to in your travels or just your everyday life at home!

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