Travel Memories: How to Preserve and Cherish an Unforgettable Trip

After returning from an incredible vacation when everything is unpacked, and the laundry is tackled, we look forward to finding ways to relive those memories.  I’ve compiled just a few of the ways we preserve and cherish, and hope that you’ll add to this list with your comments!

1. Albums.  Whether we  print our own photos and use a traditional sleeved photo album, or create a photo book using one of the online companies such as shutterfly or snapfish, it’s always worth the effort to put together pictures from one of our journeys or adventures.  They are great for sharing with kids, and we love pulling them out when we have friends and family over for a visit.  It’s also fun just to go down memory lane with each other, and reminisce.

Photo Albums using an online program.

2. Photos.  We’re running out of space on the walls, and shelves, but I love choosing special photos from our travels to frame.  They are all over the refrigerator too.  Most of the photos are in glass frames, some we’ve framed on wood photo panels, and most recently we gave canvas prints a try.

3. Souvenirs.  This is always tricky. Our house is small, and we strive to keep it uncluttered.  Food souvenirs, as long as they can travel safely back with us, are great to relive a travel destination.  We also love it when we can find something useful that will hold a memory, but also do a job.  When in Maui, we found a handy wood carved rice scooper.  Slaed loves a good t-shirt to show off where he’s been, and we also try to find unique toys from our travels for Bergen.  He recently came back with an awesome drum from our trip to Kauai!

Somebody got a pretty cool shirt showing his love for a Kapa’a, Kauai Burger Joint (Bubba’s Burgers)!

4. Get Crafty.  I need a lot of encouragement in this department.  I love to scrapbook the traditional way though with a little guy running around, it’s hard to find and justify the time to lug out all the supplies only to put them away again.  However, it’s such a beautiful way to share our adventures! For Bergen’s room, I created some wall art using travel-inspired scrapbook paper, and a Seattle puzzle map that we received as a gift awhile back.  I’d love to do the same for a city or country that he has traveled to recently.

Page from a scrapbook album created before Bergen…

5. Blogging.  I started to get down on myself for not being more attentive to Bergen’s baby book, and for not scrapbooking as I described above.  Then I realized something! I’m blogging more than weekly all about his life and adventures. I feel like I’m held accountable, and I love the conversation and feedback created.  Also, here in Seattle we are far from immediate family (and so many of our close friends), which is another reason why we’ve embraced this technology.  Our relatives count on it to keep up to date!

What are some ways that you keep your travel memories alive? Please share your stories and ideas!

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5 thoughts on “Travel Memories: How to Preserve and Cherish an Unforgettable Trip

  1. These are all great ways to preserve travel memories, Kate. I’ve never had the patience for scrapbooking and you’ve got some lovely ideas already. I’ve always regretted not getting my kids to start travel journals earlier. I know it’s not too late so one of these days I hope to get them started. Love photo books! My husband, like Slaed, loves T-shirts too. I’m a souvenir hoarder so they’re everywhere in my house 🙂

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