Favorite Swimming Spot: Baby Beach: Kapa’a, Kauai

While we were lucky to visit many beautiful beaches on our Kauai travel adventure, there was one in particular where we spent the most time: Baby Beach in Kapa’a.  In one form or another we visited this spot each day of our vacation.  By the end of our trip we had figured out the popular visiting days and hours, the best shady spot to set up camp, and when the tide would be high or low.

Bergen certainly followed that rule.

Why did we spend so much time here when there was a whole island to explore?

First, there’s the convenience reason.  The beach was just steps from the cottage we rented, making it a perfect location.  Like most young toddlers, Bergen takes his best naps at home in his crib, and also likes to “sleep-in”.  So on most days after a fun morning, he napped away, and we took it easy relaxing with our toes in the sand, or enjoyed the sunrise on those sleeping-in mornings {with the baby monitor perched next to us}.

Sunrise on our first morning in Kauai.

Aside from the handiness of location, as the name implies, it’s a perfect place for little swimmers, as well as older swimmers who might be nervous about entering the ocean.  A natural rock wall offers protection from the rowdy surf acting as a buffer, and providing a calm wading pool-like environment.  We were happy to meet fellow travelers with their little ones as well as many locals who visit the spot on a regular basis.  Bergen was delighted to share his sand toys, and we marveled at how brave and carefree the young residents were in the water.

Bergen and his new buddy.

Even if we weren’t staying as close as we were, since the beach is situated near “Kapa’a Town” we weren’t far from restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops, and other local shopping spots.  On a couple of occasions, Slaed was able to go off on foot to find lunch to bring back while I manned the monitor or enjoyed some beach play with Bergen.  It’s also just a block or so away from the start of the phase 2 Ke Ala Hele Makalae, an amazing shared-use path that runs along the coastline.

Developing a love of driftwood at a young age…

Have you visited Kauai? Where was your favorite place to swim? If not, where in the world is your favorite swimming beach?

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