Friday Dreaming: Maui, Hawaii

We leave for Kauai in a little over a week.  I should probably be thinking about packing, and writing up detailed to-do lists so that I don’t forget anything.  That doesn’t sound too exciting though.  I’d rather look back, and dream about our Hawaii trips of the past.

Aside from being paradise, and all, it’s actually a truly special place for the two of us, and now Bergen gets to join in on making his own dreamy memories.  It was in Maui, our first trip together to the island chain, that we got engaged.

Sunset on a catamaran…


Iao Valley State Park

Stay tuned.  This trip was in 2008.  Next week, I’ll share our 2010 trip to one of the Hawaiian islands.  Then we venture off with toddler in tow here in 2012.  I like this trend!

Share your milestone travel moment…! Or your Hawaiian memories…

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13 thoughts on “Friday Dreaming: Maui, Hawaii

    • Nice! A good year to go. 🙂 What time of year were you there? We’ve made an every 2 year tradition of taking advantage of our Veteran’s Day holiday, so we’ve always gone in November. Haven’t been to Oahu yet, but Slaed was able to pull off a trip for work a few years back–lucky guy.

    • Thanks, Sonja! It’s funny we actually had a little bit of trouble finding the park at first. A local guy helped us out by hand drawing a map for us. Smooth sailing after that!

    • I think we will love it too! When did you visit? We just realized that this will be Bergen’s first plane trip where we are not visiting family or friends—a true vacation, I guess 🙂

    • Thank you! Yes, you need to plan a trip! We’ve taken advantage of the non-stop flights from Seattle through Alaska Airlines since they started in 2008. Makes it so hard to resist 🙂

  1. We love Maui! What a great place to get engaged. We have the same Iao Needle picture too 🙂 Have an awesome time in Kauai. We were there when my kids were 1 and 3 and they didn’t care much for Waimea Canyon but couldn’t get enough of the water. It’s such a relaxing island I’m sure Bergen will love the beaches.

    • We’re hoping he’ll love the beaches, and not eat too much sand 🙂 I thought Maui was a great place to get engaged too 😉
      Funny, I was reading your 5 Free in Maui, and chuckled at the similar picture!
      Was just reading about Waimea Canyon last night in the guide book–I can’t wait!

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