5 Reasons to Love Seattle’s Washington Park Arborteum this Fall

As you might already know, we’re frequenters of the Washington Park Arboretum.  We’re lucky that this 230 acre park is practically in our backyard.  With so many visits you’d think we would be sick of going, but instead we’re just finding more reasons to appreciate the place.  Every season brings something unique and special, but here’s what we’re loving this fall:

1. The Fall Colors

The oranges, yellows, and reds are here.  Against the evergreen trees, the colors just pop.

2. The Sounds of Fall.

This month brings a special art installation to the Arboretum called Paths II: The Music of Trees.  There are 7 sites each with it’s own unique soundtrack to listen to via a speaker high above.  Take a look and listen at Site 5.  The sound you’ll hear (aside from crows, camera noise, and an airplane) is actually the feet of flies flittering  about on a special microphone that picks up sound by touch!

3. The Fall Weather.

Sure, the rains have returned, but we’ve also had some gorgeous sunshiny crisp weather creating the perfect conditions for hiking the trails of the arboretum.

4. The Smells of Fall.

  • Fresh air.
  • That telltale Seattle rain
  • Smoke spilling out of the Stone Cottage’s chimney.

5. Little Surprises.

Due to our exceptionally warm September and early October, you’ll still find flowers in bloom!

How and where are you enjoying fall?

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5 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Love Seattle’s Washington Park Arborteum this Fall

  1. Hello!!
    Thank you very much for sharing all pictures Me too I am living in Washington state of Port Townsend it is very beautiful I am really like it here to live. Here fantastic in the Fall when leaves changes colors.

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