A Fall Evening in Leavenworth, Washington

Leavenworth, Washington was our evening stop on our mini road trip last week.  In the early 1960’s the town was transformed into a Bavarian-style village turning the then depressed community into a now thriving tourist and travel destination.  All the businesses have embraced the Bavarian theme, even the Safeway grocery store you pass as you come into town has the characteristic lettering, almost preparing you for what’s ahead.

Sure the whole thing might seem cheesy to some, but we found it to be a little escape from the everyday.  We also appreciated the compact size allowing us to do and see a lot without dragging Bergen all over creation, and in and out of the car.  You can’t deny the beauty of the area either, and as my friend said, if you squint your eyes a little, you can pretend those North Cascade mountains you are looking at are actually the Alps!

Come along with us on our evening in Leavenworth!

Stop #1: Munchen Haus

  • 709 Front Street

Stop #2: The Hat Shop

  • 719 Front Street

Stop #3: Waterfront Park (Wenatchee River)

Stop #4: Andreas Keller Restaurant

  • 829 Front Street

A little beer garden fun, getting silly with hats, taking in beautiful mountain scenery, and a traditional German meal with built in baby entertainment thanks to an accordion player: A Happy Family Adventure!

Have you visited a Bavarian-themed town outside of Germany? Share your experience!

More North Cascades Fun:

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14 thoughts on “A Fall Evening in Leavenworth, Washington

  1. It looks like you had a lovely day. Love the silly hats. We’ve come across a few faux-Alp villages in the highlands in Malaysia and Sri Lanka. I always feel like I’m in the alps … at least until I stumble across a temple or hear the morning call to prayer!

  2. Leavenworth was a welcome stop on many of our motorcycle trips. To us as Germans, this village seemed most bizarre, and I found it very funny to read “German” inscriptions like: “Pizza – gut, ja?!” (Pizza – good, yes?)
    I heard they do a lovely christmas market, something I always miss abroad. You should check it out in December!

    • We’ve visited Fredericksburg! My husband’s grandparents used to live in Abilene, and we stopped there on our way to Austin to visit friends. We enjoyed our little visit. Quite a contrast to walk into a shop full of cowboy boots in a town with a Bavarian motif!

      Yes, the little guy is getting bigger!–we are certainly adjusting to his latest changes 🙂

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