Peshastin Pinnacles State Park: Rattle and Hum

This week, Bergen and I went on a short hike at Peshastin Pinnacles State park near Leavenworth, Washington.  Our hike veered away from the typical green filled excursions that we are used to in Western Washington, as the trail was mostly sand and not lined with trees, but thistle and dry grasses.  The pinnacles that give the park it’s name are impressive rock formations that seem to jut randomly out of the ground making quite a spectacle.

Sandstone Spire

While we did hear the occasional chirp or caw from the birds hanging around, the overwhelming noise heard around the park was the hum of the airblast sprayer and tractor.  Surrounding the park, you’ll see one of Washington’s most recognized claims to fame.  Based on location of the park in North Central Washington, can you guess what you might see?


As we reached the end of the easily navigated base trail, I heard some rustling coming from the corner ledge of a nearby rock formation.  I was actually a little frightened, but my curiosity overcame the fear, and I did some investigating.  I watched as a snake shimmied it’s way in a crack.  Bergen could care less.  He was actually mad.  The pause in our hike was apparently ruining his time.  I was able snap a few photos, but didn’t want to get too close. I wasn’t sure what kind of snake I was looking at, but figured I’d do some more research once I could take a look at the zoomed in photos.

As I turned the corner though heading back on the trail, the snake gave me no reason to speculate.  We heard shaking and knocking sounds like Bergen had picked up his maraca and was waving it around.  That thing we were looking at was a rattlesnake!

Seeing and hearing the rattlesnake did not put an end to our wildlife viewing though.  As I took in the distance scenery, I also spotted a couple of mule deer frolicking along the hills.

Not bad for a 30 minute hike.

Info to Know:

  • Peshastin Pinnacles State Parkis located between the towns of Peshastin and Cashmere (off Highway 2), near the more well known Bavarian town of Leavenworth.
    • 7201 N Dryden Rd, Cashmere, WA 98815
  • Cost: $10 for a day pass OR annual discover pass ($30)
  • No strollers.  You’ll need a carrier for this one.

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17 thoughts on “Peshastin Pinnacles State Park: Rattle and Hum

  1. Shiver … I hate snakes. I’m seriously loving living in NZ at the moment for the lack of snakes and spiders! Otherwise it looks like a lovely walk. Would it be easy walk with slightly older children (thinking 5+yrs old)?

    • Yes, definitely glad we don’t run into them on a regular basis! If you stuck to the base trail, it would definitely be something older children could handle & enjoy. I didn’t attempt any of the other trails for time purposes, but from the map, they look pretty steep to me.

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  4. Just came across your page on fb! My husband and I just spent 3 days in Leavenworth and did this hike on Tues. Came over Blewett pass on Monday with lot’s of snow/slush. Had our fingers crossed for better weather on Tues and luckily we did. We spent about 2 hrs hiking the different trails, sat and ate our Wenatchee apples out on a ledge watching 7 mule deer head up the mountain side. Thankful we didn’t hear the rattlesnake you got a picture of! WOW!! I’m sure I’ll enjoy getting some trip ideas from what you write about. Great blog!

    • Well, thanks for stopping by, Mary! I’m glad you enjoyed the Pinnacles hike—and how perfect: eating apples & watching wildlife!. I really wish we could have stayed longer. I’m looking forward to returning some day though. Have more travel plans coming up?

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