Learning our Limits at Seattle’s Discovery Park

When an outing with your little one goes well, you feel like a rock star.  You’re thinking, I know my kid, I planned everything perfectly, I did everything right.  Even if maybe you didn’t put that much thought or planning into it at all.  On the other hand, when an outing goes wrong or you have a few hiccups, you can feel like a complete failure.  You’re thinking, I don’t know my kid, I didn’t plan anything right, what was I thinking?

We’ve had some less than rock star outings, where Bergen has been too tired, too hungry, or just too darn uncomfortable for things to go well.  Sure we could have planned for a better outcome, but sometimes things just happen.  Most importantly, we don’t let the “failures” stop us from leaving the house again because the more we do venture out, the more we learn about what’s best for our family.

This past weekend, our trip to Discovery Park in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle was a little bit of both.  We did a lot of things right, and a few things wrong.  We’ll start with some of our missteps so that we can end on a good note.

The Bad

  • Based on our starting time in the late afternoon, we hiked for too long.  We could have stuck to the Loop Trail even with our addition of the South Beach Trail to the lighthouse, and been fine.  We were over adventurous, and also added the Hidden Valley Trail.  Too much.
  • Bergen never got a break.  When we realized, he probably needed a chance to stretch and get out of the carrier, it was too late.  There is in fact a playground at Discovery Park, and we should have incorporated a stop there into our hike.
  • Again because of our late afternoon start time, and too long of a hike, we were getting dangerously close to dinner time.   Not a good thing for a growing boy whose number one pastime is eating.

West Point

West Point Lighthouse

On the Hidden Valley Trail: Where things got a bit dicey.

The Good

  • We did our best to provide ideal circumstances for the outing.  We left for our hike right after Bergen’s nap (and snack, of course).
  • We had perfect hiking weather.  I know we didn’t have anything to do with the weather, but at least we planned something to do! We had clear skies, and cool temperatures.  Not too hot, not too cold.
  • Before we left the car in the parking lot, I stashed a fruit bar in the ergo, just in case.  This little snack saved us as we scrambled through the forest when Bergen was more than finished with hiking.
  • At the last stretch, I moved the hood to my sweatshirt.  Who knew this would ensue the biggest laughing fit in history? It must have looked like a puppet to Bergen because he was absolutely beside himself thinking my hood was the most hilarious thing in the world.  I flung the drawstring of the hood back for him to gnaw on, and that was the icing on the cake.  We made it back to the parking lot without anymore fusses or cries.  You just never know.

North Beach with Shilshole Marina in the distance.

South Beach along the bluff.

Hiking down to the beach via the Loop Trail

We all have our ups and downs even if you don’t have a 13 month old little one along for the ride.  Share a tip, unexpected (a hood) or not (a snack bar), that has saved you in the past!

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