Seattle’s Volunteer Park Dahlia Garden

Here in Seattle we really can’t believe it’s fall.  I keep waiting for things to change (and the rains to come), but here we are again with sunny skies, and 70 degree temperatures.  I’m honestly worried.  Am I overreacting? Nevertheless, we are certainly enjoying ourselves.

Our parks are still hanging on to summer as well.  Just a few days ago on one of our afternoon walks, we visited Volunteer Park in the Capitol Hill neighborhood (just East of Downtown).  We love Volunteer Park for it’s beautiful conservatory, water tower giving you unique views of the city, and wide open space.  New to me this summer is Volunteer Park’s Dahlia Garden.  The Dahlia Garden has been around for many years though, and given the fact that dahlias just happen to be my most favorite flower, I can’t believe I’ve missed the garden all this time! Where have I been? Why hadn’t anyone told me about it?

So many colors, shapes, sizes, and styles are represented in this modest garden located across from the conservatory and in front of the rhododendrons.  I could have stayed for hours inspecting each and everyone.  Lucky for Slaed and Bergen, who were not so fascinated, there is a playground hidden among the trees just a short distance away.  So when they were bored of looking at flowers, they escaped to slide, swing, and climb.  Norman and I were left alone to admire.

Info to Know

  • The Volunteer Park Dahlia Garden is located in Volunteer Park (near the conservatory), and maintained by the Puget Sound Dahlia Association. 
    • 1247 15th Ave East Seattle, WA 98112
    • Hours: 6 am-10pm
  • The dahlias are planted every May, and dug up the following October.  Peak viewing is in the month of August, though the season is July-September.
  • A visit to Volunteer Park makes a great outing. Some of the other features include, the Seattle Asian Art Museum (SAAM), the water tower, wading pool, playground, and conservatory.

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