Baby Adventure Gear

We’ve had a wonderfully adventurous year thanks to some high-quality gear.  Here are a few of the items that have made travel and adventure easier, enhanced our experiences, and made new things possible!

1. The Go Crib by Guava Family

The “Go-crib” is extremely portable, light-weight, and easy to assemble.  The crib is equipped with a manual pump, and along with the thin fold-up mattress, it is stored in it’s own backpack.  It’s been essential for sleep at all of our usual travel destinations, and really comes in handy for camping trips.

*While the Go Crib is no longer available, the company (Guava Family) has designed a new product called the Lotus Travel Crib.  We have not personally used this crib, but it looks like a great option!

2. Yepp Mini Front Child Seat

A recent addition to our adventure gear line-up, the Yepp Mini allows us to take Bergen on bike rides! He has a blast riding around with his Dad, and it really opens up the possibilities for outings around the city.  According to Yepp, babies can start using the seat when they are 9-months old and sitting up independently.  It accommodates kids up to 33 pounds or about 3 years old.

3. Baby Jogger Summit XC

We purchased the Baby Jogger Summit XC before Bergen was born, and really only expected to use it on trails, and of course for jogging.  Boy did we underestimate how difficult it is to navigate the steep hills of our neighborhood, and our worn out city sidewalks.  When we tried to take Bergen out for a walk in the “city mini” (also by Baby Jogger), we turned right back around, and grabbed the Summit.  We’re thankful for the handbrake, the sunshade that provides plenty of cover, it’s durability, option for fixed or unfixed front wheel, easy fold-up, and it’s beautiful black color.

4. Rugged Idea Waterproof Blanket

This blanket doesn’t just come in handy, it’s a necessity in Seattle.  Bergen is kept warm, cozy, and dry, and we feel great supporting a local company! After being out and about for a walk in the rain, it’s amazing how fast this blanket dries.  Each corner of the blanket has 2 Velcro straps for easy stroller attachment.

5. Ergobaby Performance Carrier

Our ergo goes everywhere with us from the airport, to the zoo, to the mall, or to a state park for hike.  We chose the performance line because it breathes well, dries quickly, and is made for those who are a bit more active.  I started using the carrier with the infant insert when Bergen was about 2 weeks old.  Now you’ll most often find him in the back carry position enjoying the view.

What helps you and your family get out and about for adventures?

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