Friday Dreaming: Harrison Hot Springs, BC

Today on this International Day of Peace, I wanted to honor our neighbors to the North, one the of the most peaceful nations in the world: Canada.

2 years ago, right around this time, Slaed and I traveled to Harrison Hot Springs  located in British Columbia about 2 hours East of Vancouver, and 3 hours North of Seattle.  This was no ordinary road trip though as we drove separately.  I drove the car.  Slaed rode his bike.

Hanging with the goats at a pit stop: Birch Wood Dairy in Abbotsford, BC.

Slaed and his biking buddies traveled from Seattle’s Magnuson Park to Bellingham, Washington.  After a good night’s rest in Bellingham and some refueling, they were back on the road, and cycled their way to Harrison Hot Springs.  The cyclists were rewarded with spectacular views of Harrison Lake and the Coast Mountains.  More than that though, I think they were looking forward to unwinding after 2 days of all-day riding by soaking in the therapeutic waters of the hot springs.  After such a feat, they certainly deserved it!

Harrison Lake

I like to ride my bike a few miles here and there, but I’m certainly not a cyclist.  Watching Slaed’s crew was motivating though, and I was feeling quite lazy rolling up in my car while they conquered mile after mile.  Lucky for me, the Terry Fox run was happening that weekend, so I got in on the action, and ran my first 10 K!

Norman joined in the fun too!

I’m all for a plan.  I like to know what to expect, and what to look forward to on a journey.  But sometimes, the best travel memories happen when you’re not planning at all.  I loved picturing all of the runners across Canada, from our small gathering of about 15 runners to thousands in places like Toronto, all paying tribute to such an inspiration.

Speaking of inspiration, hop over to RWeThereYetMom?, and find out what’s happening with other traveling families around the world.

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