Explore Port Townsend, WA: Chetzemoka Park

We try to balance our food intake when traveling by walking to places in the towns and cities we visit.  It also gives us a better sense of the area allowing us to notice more about the charm and character of the locale.  This time, Chezemoka Park was our destination, but we had the chance to explore downtown Port Townsend on the way to the park, and uptown Port Townsend on the way back.

Chetzemoka Park really has something for everyone.  Bergen immediately noticed the swings, Slaed had his eye on the water front, Norman appreciated the wide open meadow, and I was curious to explore the pretty garden walk.  Developed in 1904, it’s Port Townsend’s first city park and was created with the help of some 200 residents volunteering their time.  The park is named for a well-known Klallam Indian leader who was friendly with the original settlers of Port Townsend.

Our Chetzemoka Park Favorites

  • Slaed (the Dad): Giving Bergen a tour of the shore with views of  the Puget Sound, Whidbey Island, the Point Wilson Lighthouse, and the Cascade Mountains.

  • Kate (the Mom): Taking Norman on a stroll through the gardens.

  • Bergen (the baby(ish): Guess? The swings

  • Norman (the dog): Palling around with his buddies.

Info to Know:

  • Chetzemoka Park is located a little less than a mile from downtown Port Townsend.  To walk to uptown Port Townsend from the park, it’s about half a mile.
    • 900 Jackson St
      Port Townsend, WA 98368
  • If you choose to drive, there is parking available.
  • It’s a great picnic spot & is equipped with tables!

More on Port Townsend:

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