Good Eats in Port Townsend, WA

For a quick weekend in Port Townsend, Washington on the Olympic Peninsula, we sure packed in plenty of food.  Allow me to take you on a tour of our weekend via our meals.  Five places all in Port Townsend, and all delicious with no disappointments! A couple of the places were recommended by friends, some from searching travel sites & books, and some we just stumbled upon, and took a chance.

  • As we got into town on Saturday afternoon, we could not mess around.  Bergen was ready for a nap, but the three of us needed to eat lunch.  We chose the Public House Grill.  We had eaten there several years ago when visiting, and it was right next to our hotel. An easy choice.  We shared salmon fritters, {think: the Northwest version of a hush puppy}, and the buffalo burger.  While we scarfed every single bit of each down, Bergen was entertained by everyone walking by waving and smiling at him through the large front window.

Chowing down at the Public House Grill

  • Come dinner time we were a little stumped.  There were a lot of choices, but nothing that we walked by called out to us.  Slaed wanted waterfront & outside.  We needed baby-friendly, definitely seafood, and not too expensive.  I finally remembered Fins Coastal Cuisine being a popular recommendation, so we cruised over to check it out.  Waterfront & outside seating? Yes.  Baby-friendly? Yes. Seafood? Absolutely, and not too terribly expensive.  Slaed managed to find just about his most perfect dish in the whole world: Wild Mushroom Ravioli with sea scallops, and I found Dungeness crab rigatoni. You can’t beat the view and everyone was so friendly and accommodating.

  • While I bet Fins would have been great for dessert too, we oped to explore Port Townsend some more.  As we wandered down Water Street, we found Elevated Ice Cream. It took me a long time to decide as I scouted out their ice cream, sherbet, and italian ice selections, but I finally settled on Basil Balsamic Strawberry in a house-made sugar cone.  The girls behind the counter were very patient, and more than willing to provide samples of their many flavors.  I found out that the strawberries used to create their strawberry ice cream come from Graysmarsh Farm in near by Sequim, WA! Slaed went with Butter Brittle: very tasty.  While Bergen didn’t get a cone for himself, he did get to enjoy his first “carousel ride”.  For lovers of other types of sweets,  the elevated candy shop is right next door.

Dentzel’s Galloping Buffalo

  • Breakfast was planned.  We had cross-recommendations for Sweet Laurette in “uptown” Port Townsend.  With Bergen in the ergo, we hiked up the stairs just behind our hotel to Lawrence Street, the main drag of uptown.  We were served one of the best breakfasts we have had in long time starting with tasty coffee drinks and the biggest mimosas in history.  We decided on contrasting dishes: the savory Tex Mex Migas with spicy chorizo and the sweet Blueberry Lemon Dutch Baby (baked pancake).  Bergen wasn’t interested in sharing, and ordered his very own blueberry pancake.

  • After a busy morning and early afternoon of exploring downtown Port Townsend and Fort Worden State Park, we were ready for another quick lunch.  This one needed to be really quick, no sitting down for us.  We needed grab- and-go food so that Bergen could get to the nap he would take during the car ride home.  A hotdog stand fit the bill exactly.  Dogs-A-Foot has been around for over 25 years, and they definitely know what they are doing.  Our dogs were charred to perfection: crispy, but not burnt.  We scarfed those puppies down and were on the road so fast, there was no time for documentation.  And by the way, Bergen slept for the entire ride home: guess we wore him out!

Ever have a perfect food weekend? Tell us about it in the comments section!

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12 thoughts on “Good Eats in Port Townsend, WA

  1. Glad you had a great time! — Looks like you went to several of the best places. Forgot to tell you to have Tea at Pippa’s. That’s my parents’ neighbor’s new place. — And The Public House used to be a store, where I worked for a summer during college. It used to be PT’s closest thing to a department store. Eating there always reminds me of my summer there.

    • Thanks, Meg! How cool that you used to work at the Public House when it was a store…yes, I bet you have some fun memories. Will have to get tea when we go back. Thanks again for all the great recommendations!

  2. We have passed through Port Townsend several times on our way from family reunions at Fort Flagler State Park, but we have missed these culinary gems. I’ll keep these places in mind whenever we have a chance to return.

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