5 Baby-Friendly Seattle Eateries

We like to eat just as much as we like to travel and seek adventure.  While we definitely find ourselves eating at home a lot more since the arrival of Bergen, we still like to get out on the weekends and the occasional week night.  In terms of restaurants, we’re happy to say that many of our old favorites welcome Bergen with open arms.  We’ve also discovered some new spots along the way.  Slaed and I are not that picky when it comes to classifying a place as baby-friendly.  These days, we have just 2 criteria:

  1. The restaurant is equipped with highchairs.
  2. The staff doesn’t look at us like we are crazy for bringing Bergen into their establishment.

There are many more out there, but here’s a start to our list of Bergen-approved places.  Stay tuned for additions to this list.

  • Chinooks
    • A classic Seattle seafood restaurant in the Magnolia neighborhood, Northwest of downtown has all your favorites from the sea.  I’d go with salmon, but their crab cakes are also delicious.  Our family tradition is to visit every August so Slaed can have the peach slump dessert.  If you are looking for something even more low-key, try “Little Chinooks”, which is the fast food version just off the main restaurant.  You walk up to the counter to order the some of the best fish & chips in the city, and can either enjoy your food in the open air seats or just outside at the Fisherman’s Terminal.  Watch out for the seagulls.
    • 1900 W. Nickerson St Seattle, WA 98119 – (206) 283-4665

    Slaed and Bergen enjoying “Little Chinooks”

  • Island Soul
    • When the weather is dark and gloomy here at home, we like to pretend we are far off in the Caribbean at Island Soul.  It’s located in the historic Columbia City neighborhood, which is Southeast of downtown.  We felt like celebrities the last time we dined here with almost every staff member stopping by to say hi to Bergen.  Their coconut corn muffins are to-die-for, and we love all the amazing barbeque options.
    • 4869 Rainier Avenue South Seattle, WA 98118 – (206) 329-1202
  • Jai’s Asian Bistro and Sushi
    • Take advantage of their happy hour (Monday-Saturday 5pm-7pm).  On warm days we love to sit in their back patio, but their inside is just as nice.  Aside from ordering sushi roll after sushi roll along with plenty of Nigiri, their Korean short ribs and garlic yam fries are regulars at our table.
    • 2801 East Madison Street Seattle, WA 98112 – (206)323-0171
  • Tacos Guaymas
    • There  are several Seattle locations for this Mexican joint, but we exclusively visit the Greenlake location because of the added atmosphere.  It’s the perfect little evening outing to walk around the lake, and then enjoy a dinner here.  I love the pork tacos and Slaed is a regular orderer of their Chile Verde burrito.  The mole is a reliable choice too.
    • 6808 E. Greenlake Way N Seattle, WA 98115 – (206)729-656
  • Razzi’s
    • This pizzeria in the Greenwood neighborhood (North of downtown) certainly isn’t anything fancy, and we haven’t heard much about it in the press, but all that matters to us is the fact that their pizza is some of our favorite.  Their crust is the perfect combination of not too thick, not too thin.  Service is prompt, the beer selection is great, and they have lots of delicious toppings to choose from.  The problem is, we can never remember the combination of ingredients we had the time before, so we constantly have to start from scratch in creating our pizza.  Needless to say though, we’ve always been pleased with what comes to the table.  Calzones, pasta, and sandwiches are also available.
    • 8523 Greenwood Avenue N. Seattle, WA 98103 – (206) 782-9005

Parents of babies and children: What are your favorite places to eat out in your hometowns? Who knows, we may end up in your neck of the woods someday!

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