Travel with Baby: Why We Love Public Transportation

Bergen on his way to the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte, NC via the lightrail (the Lynx)

We’ve always found Public Transportation to be beneficial in our travels, and having a baby hasn’t stopped us from taking advantage of this great resource in various cities. Whether it’s just using the bus to get to downtown Seattle to meet friends for lunch or getting from Oakland to San Francisco on the BART, we love it all. Light rail, monorail, subway, bus, you name it, they all come in handy, and can make getting around a whole lot easier.

6 Reasons to Love Public Transportation

1. It’s simple. Well, once you figure out your route. Do a little prep work for schedules and station location, hop aboard, and it’ll take you where you need to go!

2. No Traffic. Sure maybe public transportation might take a little longer than driving by car, but who wants to run the risk of sitting in traffic while traveling or on vacation? Traffic puts you in a bad mood, and pretty soon, you won’t even want to go anywhere.

3. No parking. Yes, you might have to think about where to park the car if you drive to the station, but the real headache is once you arrive at your destination. Once you arrive at your destination, who wants to drive around looking for a parking spot, and worse who wants to PAY for an overpriced parking spot? You also get to be worry-free of when “the meter” expires or only paying for so much time in the lot.

4. Added adventure. This is especially true with kids older than Bergen (1 year). For many, just getting on this train-type vehicle is so exciting and thrilling. The kids can stand, walk around, watch out the window, and try out different seats.

5. No carseat. As you might’ve heard, Bergen is not a huge fan of his carseat, (though he’s gotten better in his old age believe it or not) so any chance we have to free him from the burden of being strapped in and still get somewhere, we take!

Bergen on the Metro in Washington, D.C.

6. Less stress. When I asked Slaed why he loves public transportation, this was his top answer. It’s so much less stressful for the driver. He can “check-out” from thinking about how to get there, and just enjoy getting there.

Happily waiting for the light rail (MAX) in Portland, OR.

What do you love about public transportation? Where’s your favorite place to use it?

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2 thoughts on “Travel with Baby: Why We Love Public Transportation

    • Thanks, Kerrie! Sorry that I was a little late to the party. I have a feeling Bergen will be the same way when he’s older. At this point he just loves people watching & “flirting” with the other passengers 🙂

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