3 Quick Lessons Learned from our First Family Bike Ride

Bergen put his first bike helmet to good use this weekend on his very first bike ride!

Yepp Baby Bike Seat

As soon as Slaed received word that the Yepp Mini baby seat had come in at REI, he raced over with his bike to have it installed.  He was thinking it would take a couple of days or maybe even a week.  No.   20 minutes.

We just needed Bergen to wake up from his nap so we could take the seat out for a spin.  For our first family bike ride, we rode from our house to Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood with a quick stop at Gasworks park.

Yepp Baby Bike Seat

After dinner at the Red Door, which included their famous mussels, we headed home to ensure we wouldn’t be pedaling in the dark.    Bergen had a blast, from what we can tell at least.  He was all smiles, and seemed to feel like a celebrity waving at those walking by us on the trail.  He also liked it when I came up from behind to pass him, and the same for when he and Slaed raced past me to get ahead.  I can still hear the giggles now.

3 Quick Lessons Learned from our First Family Bike Ride

1. Just like if he was riding in the stroller, Bergen isn’t doing any work accompanying Slaed on his bike, which means he’s not working up a sweat and getting as warm as we are pedaling away.  Towards the end of the ride, Bergen started to fuss, and we realized it’s most likely because he was cold.  The sun was going down and the temperature dropped.  We should have brought a jacket for the ride home.

2. I had high hopes of riding all the way to Ballard (probably another 3 miles, 6 round trip).  Lucky for us, Slaed is a little more reasonable, and suggested we stop in Fremont.  It was smart to keep the first trip short and sweet.  I’m glad we didn’t push it and end up riding home in the dark (very unsafe if you are not equipped).

3. We are fortunate to live just 2 blocks from the Lake Washington Bike Loop, which links up with the Burke-Gillman Trail, a multi-use path for walkers, runners, skaters, cyclists, etc. that runs across the North end of the city east/west.  It’s important for the route to be safe and bike friendly.  I’m glad most of our ride was on the Burke-Gillman clear from motorists!

Yepp Baby Bike Seat

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