Washington Park Arboretum Waterfront Trail

Here in Seattle, we are coming close to setting a record, and this time it doesn’t have to do with coffee, grunge bands or precipitation.  It actually has to do with the lack of precipitation!  46 days (and counting) with NO RAIN to be exact, and we’re not complaining.

Slaed, Bergen, and I (and Norman: the dog, too) walk after Slaed gets home from work nearly everyday.  We enjoy all of our neighborhood walk routes, but our most favorite is our Arboretum loop.  We’re lucky enough to live just a few blocks from the entrance.  Most of the time when we visit, we take the paved route, and then circle back home through the neighborhood.  On rare, special days however, we continue past the visitors center, under the 520 highway, and on the Arboretum Waterfront Trail.

This walk is rare and special because 90% of the time, it’s too soggy and wet to get through without hip waders, rain gear, or no care in the world about getting completely muddy and gross.  We also need a little more time than our usual walks as the trail adds 30-45 minutes to our adventure.

So when Slaed got home early one afternoon this week, and I recalled our rain record, we jumped at the chance to introduce the trail to Bergen for the first time!  Upon reminiscing, it turns out we probably hadn’t visited for at least 2 years.

The trail first has you walking on a wood-chipped path, which ends after a few hundred feet leading you to a series of boardwalks, and the real highlight of the experience.  The first island is Foster Island, followed by Marsh Island.  These wetlands are some of the last in Seattle.

From the boardwalks, we actually took our time for a change noticing the construction to the University of Washington Husky Stadium, chatting with canoers, and trying our hardest to spot wildlife.  If we are lucky, we’ll catch a glimpse of blue heron, muskrats, and turtles, but this time ducks were the only creatures hanging around in our view.

Info to Know:

  • Washington Park Arboretum is located near the Montlake and Madison Park/Madison Valley neighborhoods in Seattle.
    • 2300 Arboretum Drive E
      Seattle, WA 98112
    • Map
  • If venturing onto the Waterfront Trail think about the weather conditions (past and present), and plan accordingly.  Bring your camera, sturdy shoes as you won’t want to hurt your feet on the holes in the boardwalk, and maybe even binoculars to help you spot the many species of birds that can be found within the area.
  • Strollers are fine for many of the trails within the arboretum, but you’ll need a baby carrier for the Waterfront Trail.

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11 thoughts on “Washington Park Arboretum Waterfront Trail

    • Thanks, Mary 🙂 I’m thinking today is our last day, but I’m already looking forward to all things fall. We’ll just have to do some more traveling to get out of the grey skies and rain!

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