Friday Dreaming: Last Labor Day

Life was a little bit different with a newborn around, but I’m happy to see we were still getting out, and enjoying our time together as a family.

This year we are doing much of the same.  Enjoying Seattle, going on walks in the neighborhood, visiting parks, and spending time with friends.

What are your weekend plans?

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It’s also Photo Friday at Delicious Baby!

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12 thoughts on “Friday Dreaming: Last Labor Day

  1. Aaahhh….I barely remember those days with babies! I do remember that it took us ALOT longer to pack. 🙂
    I had planned for a quiet weekend at home until my husband woke me up this morning announcing that he wanted to go somewhere. 🙂 Spontaniety. How exhausting. Have a great weekend- I’m off to pack.

  2. One kiddo?? I remember those days!!! Now we have 3 and our lives go in 16 different directions!!

    Thanks for linking up – enjoy your weekend!

  3. Such sweet photos! A year goes by quite quickly, doesn’t it? Before you know it that sweet little baby that you were pushing in the stroller will be talking about getting a driver’s license! 🙂 Hope your family has a wonderful Labour Day weekend!

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