Running on the Road: Keeping up with Training while Traveling

While training for a half marathon this past spring and early summer, I realized that if I wanted to reach my goal of finishing around the 2 hour mark, I’d need to keep up with my training during our travels.  This meant thinking ahead, and not always going out for a run at my ideal time.  In the end though, I scored some (well-deserved?) alone time leaving me feeling refreshed and accomplished, and I also set a personal record for my half marathon time!

Here’s what helped me get going away from home:

  • Bring  your gear.  You’ll be sure to skip out on a run if you don’t have proper equipment.  You don’t need much for running, but the littlest things (like the right socks) can throw me off, so I go through a checklist of what I’ll need, and pack those first.
  • Research places to run.  Before you leave for your trip check out places that might work for the distance you need.  This gives you a chance to explore somewhere  new too.  In Denver, it was Cherry Creek State Park.  In Portland, I ran along the Willamette River.  On the Washington coast, Norman and I sneaked away for a 4 mile run on the beach.  If you are visiting family and friends, ask them for ideas.  Sometimes I even use “Map My Run” to calculate the mileage.
  • Plan ahead.  Look at your trip itinerary and your training schedule, and determine the best days and times to fit in your run.
  • Communicate with your travel companions. If I am traveling with Slaed, just before the trip or even on the plane or in the car, I go over my running intentions with him.  That way, he’ll know when he’s on “Bergen duty” while I’m off on a run.  I also make sure to plan the run around our activities.  This also keeps me honest! Solo travel with the baby or kids can be trickier, but while I was visiting my cousin in Connecticut (without Slaed), she was nice enough to watch Bergen while I went on a quick run.  I made it easy on her though, and went just after I put him down for a nap!
  • Think about destination environment and weather. The clothes you wear in your hometown may not work for wherever you are traveling, so make sure to bring gear that works for the climate and weather. Being aware of humidity and altitude levels is also important. I prepped a lot by drinking tons of water before our trip to Denver, and lowered my mileage expectations because of the thin air, and high altitude.
  • Consider waking up early.  Sometimes you just can’t fit a run in any other way.  In Portland, I woke up super early before Bergen was even awake, and got my run over with by 7:00 am.  Certainly leaves you feeling accomplished for the rest of the day!

Celebrating after a 2:05 finish!

What helps you keep up with your training while traveling? Share your tips!

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