3 Important Tips for a Safe Bike Helmet Fitting

We are on our way to new adventures with Bergen.  This past Sunday was “Bicycle Sunday” on Lake Washington Boulevard in the Seward Park neighborhood of Seattle.  The road is closed to motorized vehicles for a little over a mile stretch from Mount Baker Beach to Seward Park.  Once in the park, cyclists (and walkers, skateboarders, etc.) can ride the 2.4 mile loop trail to add even more distance to the route.

The Cascade Bicycle Club Education Foundation generously offers helmets for all ages (12 months and up) for $15, and includes a free fitting.  We are not quite outfitted to ride our bikes with Bergen, but getting a helmet for him was our first step!

Tips for a Safe Helmet Fitting | WildTalesof.com

I’m no cycling expert, that’s Slaed’s department, but I did learn three important tips for a safe helmet fitting:

1. Chin Strap: The buckle should be between the chin and neck, and should be snug, but not too snug.  You should be able to fit two fingers under the chin strap.

2. Side Straps:  These straps should come just below the ears with the two straps forming a Y shape.

3. Back Strap: Very important for this strap not to be too loose or too tight.  It should be just snug enough not to fall off.

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Next up, a baby bike seat!

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7 thoughts on “3 Important Tips for a Safe Bike Helmet Fitting

  1. Oh my goodness, your little boy is just adorable! I’ll admit I’m biased to my own, but he is just beautiful! Your little family looks so loving and happy, and of course, adventurous! Thanks for liking my post on my blog, and I would love to scrapbook your adventures. Keep on goin! Beautiful!

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