Hike Down Crystal Mountain: Sunshine and Daisies to Dust and Rocks

The Mount Rainier Gondola took us up to 6,872 feet of elevation, but we were determined to get back down to the base of Crystal Mountain Resort all on our own.  We decided to take the slow route, and hike.

Our journey began with an easy to navigate trail, and before we knew it, we were surrounded by wild lupines, daisies, and Indian Paintbrush.  We stopped often to take in the fields of purple, and admire the mountains in the distance.

We were happy to see Bergen content on my back in the Ergo, and I was happy to still be able to carry him this way!  While we walk quite a bit around town, our last true hike was in Arizona back in March, so we weren’t sure how he’d react to this 6-mile decent.

Magically, at about 30 minutes in, he decided to take a snooze.  I ended up pushing ahead of Slaed and his Mom, and was alone for most of the remainder of the hike.  We quietly continued on crossing streams, and circling alpine lakes.

It was right around here when the trail began to become questionable.  The lack of clear signage and markings left us (along with another group of hikers) wondering which path would be best to travel.  Even though we had a map, it was tricky to figure out, and we certainly didn’t want to take any chances of making this a longer hike with a one year old on our hands.  We decided to venture down a “road” instead of linking up with the Silver Creek Trail.  The road lead us into some rocky, dusty terrain.

Not exactly stellar hiking conditions, but fun to imagine with chairlifts filled with skiers, and the hills packed with snow in the winter.  No complaints on the view either.  I made my way down slipping and sliding, and just as the base of the resort came into view, Bergen started to put up a fuss.  I couldn’t blame him.  He was quite the trooper, and I was ready to be done too!  I relieved him from the Ergo, and we strolled the rest of the way in search of refreshment.

Info to Know:

  • We were attempting the “Crystal Mountain Trail” (#1161), which connects up with the “Silver Creek Trail” taking you back to the base.  Be sure to have a map on hand.  It would also be a good idea to talk the hike over with a guide at base to be sure of the turns!
  • Good, sturdy shoes are a must! Even if you didn’t take the road on the last part like we did, the trails are still rocky, and you are going downhill nearly the entire way.
  • 6 miles is strenuous.  Bring plenty of water, and a high energy snack.
  • Hat and sunscreen for sunny, warm, clear days.
  • The resort is located near Enumclaw, Washington
    • 33914 Crystal Mountain Blvd.
      Crystal Mountain, WA 98022
    • 1-888-754-6199 or 360-663-2265

    Now go travel the world with Sundays in my City!


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