Take Me Out to the Perfect Ball Game {with a baby}

Bergen is a regular now at Safeco Field as he just went to his 4th Mariner baseball game this past week (plus Spring Training in Peoria, Arizona).  This particular game blew all of his other baseball experiences out of the water though.  To begin, Felix Hernandez, our star, Cy Young award winner was pitching.  Slaed was able to take the afternoon off from work allowing us all to go to the matinee game with his Mom who is visiting from Arizona.

As we were sitting in our seats, taking turns feeding Bergen finger food with him bopping around from lap to lap, the ballpark cameraman strolled down to capture fans enjoying themselves.  He didn’t really care about us.  However, everyone around us cared a lot about little Bergen.  Bergen Fans started calling out to the guy telling him to video the baby, over and over (and over) again! They got pretty loud.  This grabbed his attention, so he finally turned around, and shot his camera right at Bergen.  Thrilled out of their minds, everyone around us clapped and cheered as they saw Bergen bouncing around on the Jumbo Tron screen centrally located in Safeco Field.

Moments later, I got a message from a friend asking if we were at the game.  She thought she just saw Bergen up on the big screen! I let her know that it was indeed our little Bergen.  When someone else recognizes your son, it just makes it that more real and exciting, doesn’t it?

Meanwhile, Felix was pitching quite a game, and the Mariners scored one run.  The innings were just ticking by one after another.  Before I knew it we were singing “Take me out to the ball game” and stretching our legs.  Talk of a perfect game began to come up.  We watched Felix throw strike after strike, and batter after batter swing and miss his tricky pitches.

To accommodate a restless Bergen, we walked around the park grabbing food and drinks along the way.  Soon it was the 9th inning, and we found ourselves standing behind “King’s Court”, Felix’s special cheering section.  Fans in this section wear yellow shirts, and flash big “K” (for strikeout) signs.

It was from there where we saw him pitch his last pitch of the game.  With 2 strikes up, he thought for sure the batter would swing.  He threw a strike, and the batter watched the ball drop into the glove of the Mariner’s catcher.  A Perfect Game.

We also had a perfect outing with Bergen! Here are some tips to ensure smooth sailing at the ballgame with a baby:

  • Tag team carriers: Taking turns between Mom and Dad, Bergen can bop around and socialize in the bjorn, and then hangout in the ergo (back or front).  Sometimes he even takes a nap in the ergo though now that he’s 1, the awake stretches are a lot longer.  Sadly, he has nearly outgrown the bjorn.
  • Food: We are sure to bring plenty of options for food throughout the game. Avocados, string cheese, pouches, bananas all travel well. Plenty of puffs, cheerios, and “mum mums” are also on hand.  “Feeding time” allows us to hang out in our seats for a while.
  • Expectations and flexibility: Be flexible, and expect to move around the park.  You won’t be able to sit in your seats for the entire game.  Move around.  Find standing spots, and explore.  Check out the pitchers warming-up in the bullpen.  Go see new areas, and view the game from different vantage points.
  • Follow the weather: Sun hats and sunscreen for the warm, sunny day.  Jackets and warm socks for the cool night.  At Safeco Field, it always seems 10 degrees cooler than “outside”, so we always keep this in mind.
  • Consider the time.  For obvious reasons, we prefer the day game.  Bergen can take his regular morning nap, and then be back home in time for an afternoon snooze.  We can make a 6:00 pm start time work, but but 7pm is pushing it these days.
  • Open areas.  Most of time there are sections that are not completely full with spectators.  These areas are great for giving Bergen space to cruise around seats without bothering too many people.
  • Special to Seattle’s Safeco Field:
    • A nursing room is located in section 128 near Guest Services.
    • For your little one’s first game, go to Guest Services to register.  Kids get a special certificate with their name on it and a poster.
    • Meet and take a photo with the Moose in his home, the Moose Den (main level, near center field)
    • Kids 3 years and under/48 inches and under can romp and play in the Seattle Children’s Hospital Playfield (not far from the Moose Den)
    • Safeco Field/Mariner’s Website

    Now go travel the world through Sundays in my City!

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19 thoughts on “Take Me Out to the Perfect Ball Game {with a baby}

    • Fun! The minor leagues and farm teams are so great, and everything is a lot cheaper too! We used to go see the “Frederick Keys” growing up in Maryland.

    • Thank you! Yes, we figure it’s pretty much a once in a lifetime thing to get to watch a perfect game, but to get on the jumbo tron too…now that’s pretty special 🙂 !

    • Thank you! I’m realizing this whole blogging thing a great tool to capture all these memories. Don’t have to feel so bad about my lack of updates in the baby book!

  1. The pictures of your son are so adorable. My (now teenage) son played baseball from the time he was 4 years old. I loved watching him play a game that HE loved.

    • Thanks, Tami. It will be interesting to see what Bergen likes to play as he gets older! How special that your son found a past time that he enjoyed so much. My older brother was the same way…he still plays in adult leagues now.

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