Seattle Area Adventure: Seafair’s Blue Angels

Bergen attended his first official Blue Angels performance this past weekend, and he was kind of the star of the show.

We were lucky enough to get to enjoy the show from our friend’s deck in the Madrona neighborhood of Seattle.  Viewing from a deck above all the action on Lake Washington makes for some spectacular glimpses of the planes.

These shows give you a lot to take in.   Hear the roars of the jets.  Feel the vibrating impact as the jet zooms past, and seems just a few feet away.  Try as you might to follow their path, but sometimes you end up only witnessing what’s left behind.

Seafair in Seattle has been happening since the 1950’s beginning as away to attract attention to our city.  The Blue Angels performance, with their first show in 1972, is just one of the ways Seattle celebrates.  Their show was the culminating event of the fair that was kicked off with pirates invading Alki beach in West Seattle.  In between, just to name a few, there are parades, athletic competitions (full & half marathons, 5K, triathlon), hydroplane races, and festivals making for quite a busy summer!

Just like during the fireworks explosions that occurred while he slept on the night of the 4th of July, Bergen did not seem phased by the loud fly-bys of the jets.  He was determined to catch them though as he tried to reach out and grab the planes that came close to the house.

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Seafair, particularly the Blue Angels, is another one of our summer traditions.  Share yours!

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